By Paul Balles

In August 2004, Richard Hugus, critic of progressive injustice, wrote an article on the “Lies of the Israeli Peace Movement”.

What Hugus wrote almost ten years ago has as much forgotten or neglected relevance today.

In an announcement for a meeting, the public was invited to hear from “bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families supporting peace, reconciliation and tolerance.”

Referring to a meeting between Jews and Palestinians, Hugus points to Progressives like Noam .

These Progressives have spoken of “what is ‘realistic’, as if it’s realistic to remove an entire people from their country by and attrition, to jail inside 24 foot high walls any who remain, to shoot children in the street, to destroy farm land and water supplies, to drive people to starvation, to wage war on rock-throwers with F-16’s, tanks, and attack helicopters…”

If that wasn’t enough, these progressive liberators “never acknowledge that ‘facts created’ and gains made by and all his predecessors were atrocious crimes.

“To the double-talking liberal, it is not ‘realistic’ to stop any of this, and give Palestinians back what was stolen. is realistic; justice is not. The progressive ‘realist’ is finally no different than the right wing Zionist.”

Almost ten years of repetition and Hugus’s message has sunk in to very few Western minds.

PalestineHugus concludes with the observation that everyone should be making: “It is time to respond to the pacifist progressive in particular who collaborates with the oppressor by equating and condemning all violence. The language of resistance must be clearly spoken: It is right for Palestinians to resist the occupation, not just the occupation of the West Bank and , but of all of , by whatever means possible…”

This is the argument that even the most righteous of commentators has been afraid to make. More than enough of Hugus’ readers fear exposure to honesty and righteousness in a totally fair and realistic conclusion.

“It is right for the Iraqi resistance to resist the similar vicious U.S. occupation of Iraq. It was right for the Sioux to resist, it was right for the African slave to resist, it was right for the Vietnamese to resist. In no way can the minor losses of the oppressor be equated with or compensate for the original crime of his aggression.”

Hugus appropriately draws the historical parallels that have bedevilled others. He voices one of the only meaningful and justifiable arguments for violent resistance.

“It is time for progressives in the U.S. to openly and clearly support resistance to the monster that the US has become, and the entities it supports, like , and increasingly this means rejecting the false language of the pacifist.”

It’s time to stop the labelling of members of legitimate resistance as terrorists. Remember, the real terrorists are the thieves who stole Palestinian land and freedom.

Concludes Hugus, “The conflict in Palestine is not morally ambiguous. It is not a battle between two sides who are equally guilty. attacked, Palestinians defended. There is a right and a wrong.”

Hugus is right. The pacifists are wrong. Ten years is longer than enough for a fitting response.

Resist! Resist the illegal in Palestine until you get your land and your dignity back.

Resist the attempts to equate the efforts of occupiers to match their desires for peace with your rights.

Resist the fear instilled by Israeli tanks and jets, by armed IDF soldiers, by prisons and .

Resist the temptation to expect others to fight or negotiate for you.

Resist the temptation to give up.

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