WATCH: “Five Broken Cameras” on BBC4

Five Broken Cameras

By Antoine Raffoul - Sabbah Report § WATCH IT ON Mon 3rd Mar 2014 22:30 BBC Four Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes Oscar-nominated film compiled from the video diary of a Palestinian farmer who documents unrest in his West Bank village. Emad Burnat starts filming with his first camera following the … [Read more...]

Gaza Fishermen Shot at and Arrested

An Israeli naval ship sprays a Palestinian fishing boat with a water cannon off the coast of the Gaza Strip. (Photo: David Schermerhorn)

We should not fool ourselves by believing that the conditions of the latest ceasefire between Hamas and the IDF are being honoured by the IDF (excuse the word 'honoured' here). These IDF criminals (our description) do actually fear even the fishermen of Palestine armed with their fishing nets. No wonder … [Read more...]

Gaza: Timeline, Fineline and Endgame


So many words have been written throughout the history of the courageous Palestinian struggle against Zionist aggression and theft of Palestine. Each time, a crisis erupts and each time a report is written and read, the masses are tempted to rely on the short-span memory of the brain to deal with the … [Read more...]

Obama and AIPAC

Obama goes all the way to AIPAC just one day before he welcomes Netanyahu. Listen to what he says about Shimon Perez and his Hagana involvement. For this, Obama will honour Perez later this Spring with American highest civilian honour: the Presidential Medal of Freedom! Worse yet to come if you can bear … [Read more...]

From Saigon to Cairo – Escapes on Helicopter skids

In history, it is sometimes necessary to pause, reflect, assess and draw conclusions (and lines) which may be passed to future generations just in case we mortals miss the link. It is with this in mind that we may recall and connect two iconic events, though spaced by thousands of miles and 36 eventful years, … [Read more...]

New History or a New Mirage

By Antoine Raffoul * | Sabbah Report | A recent reading of an old article written by the late Edward Said, the well-known Palestinian author, writer and cultural critic, revealed a rare meeting in Paris to discuss the core issues of the Palestine/Israel conflict. The participants were … [Read more...]

The Real Bloomers of Palestine

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By Antoine Raffoul * | Sabbah Report | 1948 Lest We Forget has obtained a copy of the full Survey of Palestine (Including the map survey) for its records. The following outline extracts shed more light on the Zionist lies about Palestine being "a land without people...." We recommend that … [Read more...]

Total Boycott Against Total Occupation


By Antoine Raffoul* | Sabbah Report | In an Opinion submitted to the Electronic Intifada on 4 March 2010 entitled: Moment of Truth, Rifat Kassis rightly asks: what does ‘boycott’ mean, how far does it go, and what does it call for? We, at 1948: Lest We Forget, wish to respond to any call … [Read more...]