WATCH: “Five Broken Cameras” on BBC4

Five Broken Cameras

By Antoine Raffoul - Sabbah Report § WATCH IT ON Mon 3rd Mar 2014 22:30 BBC Four Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes Oscar-nominated film compiled from the video diary of a Palestinian farmer who documents unrest in his West Bank village. Emad Burnat starts filming with his first camera following the birth of his fourth son. At the same time in his village of Bil'in, a … [Read more...]

Gaza Fishermen Shot at and Arrested

An Israeli naval ship sprays a Palestinian fishing boat with a water cannon off the coast of the Gaza Strip. (Photo: David Schermerhorn)

We should not fool ourselves by believing that the conditions of the latest ceasefire between Hamas and the IDF are being honoured by the IDF (excuse the word 'honoured' here). These IDF criminals (our description) do actually fear even the fishermen of Palestine armed with their fishing nets. No wonder they loose wars as they hide behind their US made machines stationed on … [Read more...]

Stevie Wonder to sing for Friends of The IDF [Updated]

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder: Don't Be a Part-Time Lover of Justice! Maybe he does not know. Maybe the people around him are blind. Maybe he lost his soul. If any of these guesses are applicable, maybe we should petition him to find out which one. Stevie Wonder has announced that he will perform at at the annual Gala for Friends of the IDF (FIDF). The Gala will take place in LA on … [Read more...]

Gaza: Timeline, Fineline and Endgame


So many words have been written throughout the history of the courageous Palestinian struggle against Zionist aggression and theft of Palestine. Each time, a crisis erupts and each time a report is written and read, the masses are tempted to rely on the short-span memory of the brain to deal with the immediate cause and effect of the last cycle of violence against our … [Read more...]

Palestine Solidarity Billboards Go Up Across South Africa


By Antoine Raffoul | Sabbah Report: The Palestinian solidarity movement in South Africa (through BDS South Africa and the Palestine Solidarity Alliance) have taken out over 12 billboards (large outdoor displays) across the country graphically explaining the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian lands and the dispossession of the Palestinian people. … [Read more...]