Bishop Donald R. Corder: People of Good Conscience


Following the Israeli bombing of Syria we can observe the political factions giving rise to this act of war. President Bashar al-Assad of the besieged sovereign nation of Syria declares, “We know this and it is so well-documented that the objective of the United States and its NATO partners is to create factional violence, ethnic cleansing, promote divisions within Syria … [Read more...]

Bishop Donald R. Corder: The Breath of Hope

breath of hope

Like the frightening sounds of great waters to one uninitiated in the ways of the sea, thunder rings from the spiritual tempest. So that the rise and falling swells of waves born of circumstance only adds to the tightening arising within the belly as one navigates life’s tempest through uncharted seas of wicked men. As darkness becomes spectator in a coliseum forged around us … [Read more...]

Bishop Donald R. Corder: Israeli Rights to Defend Themselves Argument

Israel "self defence" kills our children's dreams

On the political stage the Israeli right to defend themselves translates into backroom hocus pocus that allows the UN Human Rights Goldstone Report of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity of the December 2008 Israeli military campaign Operation Cast Lead; to be disappeared by the International Criminal Court (ICC). While in this current campaign a distinction needs to … [Read more...]

Bishop Corder: Israel’s “Pillar of Cloud” Blasphemy


On Thursday November 1, 2012 Blogging with Bishop Corder published an article entitled The Pillar of Cloud. Thereinafter Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched Operation Pillar of Cloud on November 14, 2012 a strategic ploy designed to begin with the killing of Ahmed Jabari, chief of the Gaza military wing of Hamas and their publishing notice that any semblance of due process of … [Read more...]

Israeli Army Set to Defy Palestinian Cyber Warfare

Cyberspace Insect

By Bishop Donald Corder* | Sabbah Report | Merciless will be the Israeli army's onslaught in devouring any and all forms of opposition in the war for the minds and hearts of the global body politic and supporters of the Palestinian Battle Cry: "No Credible Goldstone Investigation No International Holocaust Remembrance Day!" Echoing the demand for justice in … [Read more...]