The essence of apartheid in Israel

netanyahu and hillary clinton

Israel has no intention of ever meeting the technical definition of an apartheid state because that would be a public-relations disaster By Gwynne Dyer - Sabbah Report § HILLARY CLINTON WOULD never have used the word when she was U.S. Secretary of State, because she still has presidential ambitions. John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, has no further ambitions in … [Read more...]

Israel: Nuclear Hypocrisy


By Gwynne Dyer - Sabbah Report When Mordechai Vanunu, a humble Israeli technician who worked for years at Israel's secret nuclear site at Dimona, spilled the beans about Israel's nuclear weapons in 1986, very bad things happened to him. He was lured from safety in England for an Italian holiday by a woman who was an Israeli secret agent, drugged and kidnapped from Italy by … [Read more...]

Brian Cox’s aliens are banned on BBC

An artist's conception of HD 40307 g, blanketed in thick brown clouds suspended in its dense atmosphere.

Earth and its humans are as common as dirt In this interval of blessed tranquillity between the titanic struggle to choose the next president of the “world’s greatest nation” (same guy as last time), and the world-shaking choice of the next leader of the “Middle Kingdom” (Xi Jinping, but it’s still officially secret for a few more days), a delicious moment of sheer … [Read more...]

Sanctions on Iran crippling, but will not topple regime


Sanctions on Iran caused the currency to virtually collapse last week Iran's currency virtually collapsed last week, and the public protests that followed in Tehran stirred memories of the massive anti-regime protests of 2009. This has caused excited speculation in the United States and its allies about the imminent fall of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the abandonment of … [Read more...]

The Palestinians’ new weapon

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U.S. law could force America out of international agencies, and into isolation By Gwynne Dyer The Palestinians have finally come up with a strategy that may produce some results. But only by accident, so to speak. They were fed up with 19 years of “direct negotiations” with Israel that never made any progress toward a final peace settlement, and Palestinian leader … [Read more...]