Palestine Spring in the making? – by Jamal Kanj

Samer al-Issawi, illegally imprisoned and on hunger strike

A third Palestinian uprising is simmering slowly, fuelled by the denigrating policies of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. With the chances of a political solution steadily diminishing, and lacking other options, the conditions are ripe for a new Palestinian Intifada, or uprising. While the … [Read more...]

Jamal Kanj: The myth of the Jewish people


The Invention of the Jewish People is a book written by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli professor of history at the University of Tel Aviv. The author wasn’t probing a belief system but Zionist fabrications of a spurious common lineage for people of the Jewish faith. Sand argues that the idea of Jews having a … [Read more...]

Jamal Kanj: Megalomaniac vs monomaniacs in Syria


Syrian President Bashar Assad has a penchant for blaming outside conspirators for the troubles in Syria. While plausible, he is mistaken in linking public demands for political reform with presumed plots against his country. His pompous speech three weeks ago on a political resolution for the carnage in … [Read more...]

Jamal Kanj: Israelis vote against common sense


Israelis voted on 22 January to kill the prospect of peace. Out of 34 factions contesting the election, voters chose right wing parties advocating land annexation and Jews-only settlements. This should come as no surprise as an opinion poll conducted by Israel Democracy and Tel Aviv University last month … [Read more...]

Jamal Kanj: Unchecked Israel Firsters


How do American allow Israel Firsters to declare their loyalty to a foreign state and can be counted on to put interests of Israel in front of America's? The undue influence of money and single issue interest groups is bankrupting the essence of American democracy and discouraging honest Americans from … [Read more...]

Jamal Kanj: Obama and the Jewish Lobby

Obama and hagel

THE Israeli lobby is flexing its muscle against Barack Obama's potential nominee to be the next Secretary of Defence. The frontrunner Chuck Hagel is co-chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Committee. Hagel was a Republican Senator representing Nebraska from 1996 until his … [Read more...]

New Israeli Herods and Palestinian Christians


I'M writing from Finland this week, where the omnipresence of snowflakes and festive Christmas lights heralds another year celebrating the birth of Jesus. In parallel, the descendants of the Messiah in Palestine are marking another year of abominable Israeli occupation. Indulged with indifference to the … [Read more...]

Palestine a new UN member?

Palestinian schoolgirls hold pictures of President Mahmoud Abbas with Yasser Arafat, flowers and olive branches during a rally supporting the Palestinian UN bid for observer state status, in the West Bank city of Nablus, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)

TODAY, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas will formally request the UN General Assembly to vote on Palestine's application for an observer member state. This comes exactly 65 years to the day after the General Assembly voted to partition Palestine between its native inhabitants and new … [Read more...]

War and peace incompatible

Graphics by Don Nash at Skulzwerks

ISRAEL's wars on Gaza have not ceased since Palestinians exercised their free, democratic election in 2006. The relentless warfare has alternated between bloody and muted, but let's clarify some distortions. Contradictory to most Western media reporting, the current escalation was sparked by Israel's … [Read more...]

Israel: Guaranteed US Election Winner

Bibi and Sheldon Adelson Gambling

Irrespective of the US Election Winner, an Israel-first financier will have special access to the resident of the White House THE results of US elections are eccentric. While re-electing Barack Obama to the White House, voters also chose members of the opposing party as their representatives in … [Read more...]

Another (made for Israel) global disaster derailed


LAST August I predicted that as the US election drew closer, and as the President's re-election became certain, a credible scenario would be for Israel to strike Iran - pre-empting Barack Obama's new term in the White House. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's performance at the United Nations (UN) … [Read more...]

The Deluded Palestinian Leadership

President of Palinstine waits to speak to the general assembly

UN-ilateral politics Frustrated with the circuitous peace process and absence of a universal enforceable framework, Palestinians decided last year to turn to the United Nations (UN) to seek full state membership at the international body. Their hopes were buoyed in 2010 by US President Barack Obama's … [Read more...]

US Media’s Cultural Bias

Graphix by Don Nash at Skulzwerks

US Media's Cultural Bias By Jamal Kanj | Sabbah Report: LAST week I referred to Edward Said's scholarly work on Western media coverage of Muslim and Arab countries, shaped by discreet cultural biases or political motives. This fact couldn't be more pertinent than in recent … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney – a danger to USA and world peace

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By Jamal Kanj | Sabbah Report: Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for US election may have been a Harvard University smart, but his recurring gaffes are indicative of a person who is not ready to become a president. It had been an eventful summer of blunders for Romney and company. Two … [Read more...]