Time for Obama To Earn His 2009 Nobel Prize

U.S. President Barack Obama holds his Nobel Prize during the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony at City Hall in Oslo on December 10, 2009. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

By James M. Wall - Sabbah Report § President Obama has suggested a "pause" following the failure of the most recent Israel-Palestine peace negotiations. A pause is an option, of course, but it needs to be a "pregnant pause", defined by one source as: "A pause that gives the impression that it will be followed by something significant." It was Edmund Burke who once … [Read more...]

Palestinian’s Unity Agreement Evokes Israeli-U.S. Threats

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

You want your school lunch money? You want your backpack? Then play by our rules, kid, or go home. By James M. Wall - Sabbah Report § We all remember the schoolyard bully, the girl or boy who set the rules and forced the rest of us to play by those rules, enforced by threats of the loss of backpacks and lunch money. In the past few years I have found it impossible to … [Read more...]

Will Abbas be Followed by Dahlan or Barghouti?


Mohammed Dahlan was the U.S./Israel imperium's chosen operative assigned to punish Hamas for winning a free and open democratic 2006 election. Does Israel want President Abbas replaced by Dahlan? By James M Wall - Sabbah Report § The headline on a New York Times story sounded innocent enough: Palestinians Criticize Abbas for Public Fatah Feud at Delicate Time … [Read more...]

Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death and AIPAC’s annual Conference

“Lest We Forget” The Day Rachel Corrie Died

"Lest We Forget" The Day Rachel Corrie Died Rachel Corrie was defying an American/Israeli empire when she stood against the destruction of a Palestinian home on March 16, 2003. By James M. Wall - Sabbah Report Rachel Corrie was killed March 16, 2003, by an Israeli soldier who crushed her to death with an American-built Caterpillar bulldozer. Eleven years later, … [Read more...]

James M. Wall: The fate of human dignity is in our hands

Palestinian men, show them standing in line next to the “Security” wall surrounding Jerusalem during Ramadan.

Writing for both Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Peter Beinart used a surprising phrase to describe how President Obama plans to deal with the Israel/Palestine issue during his second term. Beinart took his clue from the “pro forma and bland” response the White House made after Israel’s defiant announcement that it would build 3,000 new housing units in an area of the West … [Read more...]