The Liberal Zionist Dilemma


You simply cannot adhere to the principle of universal civil and political rights and, at the same time, support a Zionist state. To do so is to involve oneself in a contradiction. The liberals are being forced to face this fact. The Liberal Ideal Liberalism, framed as a socio-political ideal, argues that … [Read more...]

Censorship Is The Norm


By Lawrence Davidson and Janet Amighi - Sabbah Report § Shutting Down the Academics Most Americans assume the United States government speaks "the truth" to its citizens and defends their constitutional right to "free speech" (be it in the form of words or dollars). On the other hand, it is always the … [Read more...]

Planning for the Future of the BDS Movement

Boycott Israel - BDS

By Lawrence Davidson - Sabbah Report Norman Finkelstein’s Predictions   Much has been made of the rising influence of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Indeed, there is a growing sense that the boycott power of civil society, particularly as it is manifesting itself in … [Read more...]

Stereotyping In Congress, Then and Now

Stupid Congress

By Lawrence Davidson - Sabbah Report In the year 1922 the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the U.S. House of Representatives held hearings on a joint resolution in support of the Balfour Declaration. The committee chairman, the pro-Zionist representative from New York, Hamilton Fish, called an array of … [Read more...]

Zionism versus Diplomacy and Peace

Hassan Rouhani

Moderate Iran Iran’s new and more moderate President Hassan Rouhani came to the United Nations at the end of September. Amidst numerous interviews and diplomatic discussions, his message was clear: no, Iran will not give up its legal right to enrich uranium and no, Iran will not develop nuclear weapons. … [Read more...]

Two-State Solution or Illusion?

shrinking map of palestine

The Two-State Solution Peter Beinart is a “liberal Zionist” who has written a piece in the New York Review of Books of 26 September 2013 entitled “The American Jewish Cocoon.” In this essay he laments, “The organized Jewish community [is] a closed intellectual space.” By this he means that most American … [Read more...]

In Defense of Richard Falk


Who is Richard Falk and What Has He Done? Richard Falk is the present United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories. His job is to monitor the human rights situation in the territories, with particular reference to international law, and report back to both the U.N. General Assembly … [Read more...]

Israel’s Endless Savage


Israeli government seems quite incapable of being civilized Savagery ongoing In my article "Anti pro-Palestinian Billboard War: Zionists vs. the truth, I noted that a Zionist organization run by the Islamophobe Pamela Geller is posting messages on buses and subways calling for support for Israel. The … [Read more...]

Anti pro-Palestinian Billboard War

Pamela Geller and her billboard message

Billboard Wars: The Savage vs. the Civilized Back on 1 August 2012 I posted a piece entitled History on a Billboard. It reported on the placement, in the northern suburbs of New York City, of informational billboards with maps of Palestine showing the steady growth of Israeli confiscated territory and … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney: Informative Lies?


The Liar's Master Class in Mitt Romney By Lawrence Davidson | Sabbah Report: Earning a Place in the Eighth Rung of Hell Mitt Romney might be the most brazen political liar since James Polk. Polk, who was the 11th U.S. president (1845-1849), lied through his teeth-to … [Read more...]

Free Speech or Inciting to Riot?


When I finish one of my analyses I usually look forward to a week to ten day hiatus and sometimes even wonder if I will have to hunt around for the next topic.  It rarely works out that way.  Usually,  within three of four days, something happens which strikes me as worthy of attention.  Often other … [Read more...]

US democracy takes a hit

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Reality TV at the Democratic convention On 5 September 2012, in the middle of the Democratic Party convention, US democracy took a big hit. Essentially, the convention managers rigged a vote in the manner of those dictatorships that stuff ballot boxes and then announce that 99 per cent of the voters … [Read more...]

Israel says “Rachel made me do it”

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The death of Rachel Corrie On 16 March 2003, the last day of her life, 23-year-old Rachel Corrie was in the Gaza town of Rafah standing in front of the Palestinian family home (not just a house) of Dr Samir Nasrallah. Dr Nasrallah was a local pharmacist and Corrie had been staying with his family while … [Read more...]

The Jews Go To War (With Themselves)

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Part I On 12 December 2011 hundreds of Israeli settler fanatics besieged a West Bank IDF army base. They destroyed equipment, set fires, and even stoned the base soldiers. This was the second such attack in a month. The cause? Anger over the army's dismantlement of a small number of isolated, unauthorized … [Read more...]

The Whistle Blower As Hero

Robin Hood of the Information Age Julian Assange, who might be the man most hated by the U.S. government, was given Australia's Walkley Foundation Award for outstanding journalism last week. He accepted it from a distance, using Skype, because he is under house arrestin England pending extradition to … [Read more...]

Israeli Democracy Fades To Black

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Bad Movies Have you seen those old time movies notable for their endings? The cowboy is seen riding into the sunset or the lovers are reunited, etc. And then comes the end - the screen dramatically fades to black. Most of these movies are pretty bad. The stories are predictable, the acting melodramatic and … [Read more...]

Will There Be More 9/11s?

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I. Victims Glenn Greenwald recently posted a short piece about "The Human Toll of the U.S. Drone Campaign." Greenwald noted that the population of the United States is kept in the dark about the civilian victims of the drone campaign by a government that "refuses to disclose anything about these attacks … [Read more...]

The FBI Goes Rogue On Iran

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Going Rogue Again Back on 1 September 2011 I posted a piece titled America's FBI Goes Rogue. The gist of that piece was that the FBI's Counter Terrorist Unit has transformed itself into an instigator of crime. The Agency's modus operandi (MO) here reminds one of those carnivorous plants that have evolved … [Read more...]

America’s modern barbarism

Has anyone noticed that the political air is wafting rancid lately? That is the smell of modern barbarism. Modern barbarism is a malodorous umbrella concept. Underneath the umbrella are lots of fetid phobias, isms and behaviours: Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, semi-fascism, scapegoating, stereotyping, … [Read more...]

Goodbye to International Law

Part I - The Erosion Universal Jurisdiction Back on 12 February 2011 I put out an analysis on the subject of Universal Jurisdiction. Here is the first paragraph from the piece: "One of the really progressive acts that followed the end of World War II was the establishment of the principle of universal … [Read more...]

Triumph of groupthink

... careerism and narrow interests over honesty and moral courage By Lawrence Davidson * | Sabbah Report | There is an interesting phenomenon which we can call "the political retiree’s confession". I don’t mean all those hyped memoirs, ghost written for all manner of high ranking … [Read more...]