Gaza Returns to Donkey Days

Palestinian child on donkey cart next to garbage container in Gaza City. Credit: Mohammed Omer/IPS

By Mohammed Omer The garbage trucks of Gaza city are at a standstill due to an ongoing fuel shortage affecting all aspects of daily life, including garbage collection, sewage and waste disposal and other vital services. But the local donkeys are here to help. Abu Hesham on his donkey cart won’t be able to clear all the streets of garbage. In Gaza’s Barcelona … [Read more...]

In Gaza, Dreaming of Fish and Flowers

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By Mohammed Omer* | Sabbah Report | Gaza City - As the many colors of the fish and flowers slowly disappear from the Gaza landscape, the already grim prospects of the besieged residents begins to look even bleaker. Fishing was a profession that used to keep thousands of fishermen and their families fed, but with Israel restricting the movements of … [Read more...]

The lights are going out on Gaza

By Mohammed Omer* in Gaza City | Sabbah Report | The Muslim festival Eid approaches, but not the end to power cuts that have darkened the month-long Ramadan fasting leading up to the festival. Or to the agony of Gazans, made worse by the reminder that it's approaching festive time. The prolonged electricity cuts, lasting from 12 to 16 hours daily, is the … [Read more...]