The fine print of Palestinian statehood

The PLO/PA's apparent interest in reviving itself provides opportunities for Palestinian civil society and its allies to hold the leadership accountable for Palestinian rights [GALLO/GETTY]

What does the UN fine print - which promoted Palestine as a non-member observer state - really mean? Congratulations are raining as friends of the Palestinians respond with delight to the United Nations' resounding "Yes!" to Palestine's non-member observer state status as of November 29, 2012. But before … [Read more...]

Obama and Romney ignore plight of Palestinians


As a Palestinian-American, I awaited the presidential debate on foreign policy with anticipation, given the massive U.S. military footprint in the region of my birth. I confess to being torn in my attitude to the candidates. From a Palestinian perspective, I know there is little difference: Neither would … [Read more...]

An irrelevant House?

By Nadia Hijab * | Sabbah Report | Some members of the United States House of Representatives may not know too much about international affairs, but they certainly know what they don't like: a Palestinian state that is not fully supported and endorsed by Israel in direct … [Read more...]

Who Can Save Mahmoud Abbas?

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By Nadia Hijab* | Sabbah Report | According to one cable in the latest WikiLeaks batch, the powerful Israeli security official Amos Gilad believes Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas won't survive politically beyond 2011. Abbas is certainly at a crossroads. Will he go down in … [Read more...]

The Settlement Freeze and the Peace Process Freeze [video]

With Michele Dunne, Nadia Hijab and Daniel Levy. On or about Sept. 26 the Israeli government's declared settlement moratorium came to an end. This has been identified as a major obstacle in the nascent peace talks. The moratorium has been incomplete and settlement construction has continued in many areas … [Read more...]

What if Peace Talks “Succeed?”

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How can Palestinians ensure their rights are protected and fulfilled if an agreement is reached? By Nadia Hijab* | Sabbah Report | Overview Many commentators expect the direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians to fail. But there is a much worse scenario: What if they "succeed?" … [Read more...]