Richard Falk: The US as Israel’s servant

Prime Minister Netanyahu Congratulates President Obama

by Richard Falk and Akbar Ganji In Part I of this article we described the reasons as to why Israel has become an outlaw state and discuss US support for Israel and its consequences. The US as Israel's servant The United States has supported Israel without reservations since its founding in 1948. According to an agreement between the two countries, that has become a … [Read more...]

December 2013 Report to UN Human Rights Council on Occupied Palestine

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Prefatory Note: This is my last report as Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestine as my term is coming to an end after six years. The mandate is important as a source of information pertaining to the realities of occupation from the perspective of international humanitarian law and international criminal law. My hope is that this mandate can be brought to an end as early as … [Read more...]

Richard Falk: Escaping The Abusive State: After Snowden

Lynne Stewart - 07-09-2013

By Richard Falk The more contact one has with the modern state, even in those societies that have long constitutional traditions entrenching civil liberties, the more grounds there are for deep and growing concern. I suppose that the most dramatic exhibition of the dangers being posed as 2014 approaches, and we are reminded that this will be 30 years after 1984, are … [Read more...]

Richard Falk: Zero Dark Thirty & American Exceptionalism


ZD30 is the film narrative that tells the dramatic story of the special forces operation that on May 2, 2011 located and killed Osama Bin Laden in a compound on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, which is not far from Islamabad. It is directed by the prominent director, Kathryn Bigelow, who had won big Hollywood awards for her brilliant 2008 film, Hurt Locker, … [Read more...]

Richard Falk: Understanding Hamas after Khaled Meshaal’s Gaza speech

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal recently visited the Gaza Strip for the first time ahead of Hamas' 25th anniversary (EPA)

The lens through which Hamas is being viewed must be changed if we are to understand it going forward. In the aftermath of Khaled Meshaal's emotional visit to Gaza in celebration of Hamas' 25th anniversary, commentary in Israel and the West has focused on his remarks at a rally as "defiant" and confirming "the true face" of Hamas. Emphasis was particularly placed on his … [Read more...]