The ever-shifting borders in the Middle East


A lot of Lebanese, born into the Ottoman Empire, therefore woke up one morning and found they were no longer Lebanese — but Palestinian. And when the Israelis arrived in Galilee and did a spot of ethnic cleansing some of these former Lebanese — but now Palestinian — folk were murdered By Robert Fisk - Sabbah Report § Borders are becoming a bit odd in the Middle East. … [Read more...]

How the West lost respect for international law


An obsessive's documenting of Israeli war crimes in Lebanon can show us how the West lost respect for international law One Norwegian officer left Lebanon with a typed report on torture taped to his chest Odd Karsten Tveit was always a very obsessional chap. Every story he covered, he always wanted to dig deeper, study further, hear one more tale of horror, one more … [Read more...]

At least Mr Palestine is in good company

Yasser Arafat (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

So they have dug up the old boy at last. Irony of ironies. All his life Yasser Arafat feared assassination, and with good reason. The Israelis tried to bomb him from the air in Beirut in 1982 – but someone tipped 'Mr Palestine' off, and the Israeli bomb merely killed all the civilians in the building. Many of his closest colleagues were assassinated by Mossad. But did the … [Read more...]

Robert Fisk: One of Israel’s great leftist warriors wants peace with Hamas and Gaza – but does the Knesset?

Stop the Gaza war - Tel Aviv, Nov. 17. 2012

Uri Avnery roars out against Netanyahu and his government and foresees growing ethnic strife in Israel Old Uri Avnery is 89 but he’s still a fighter. In fact, the famed writer is still one of the great old leftist warriors of Israel, still demanding peace with the Palestinians, peace with Hamas and a Palestinian state on the old ’67 borders – give or take a few square … [Read more...]

Benjamin Netanyahu warning reveals his moments of memory loss


Israeli President "Bibi" Netanyahu on Guy Fawkes. The super-terrorist plans to blow up parliament and the King; the very nation will be liquidated. Fawkes was a Catholic rather than a Muslim - though Renaissance Europe was pretty good at bestialising both but what a cartoon! I loved the curly fuse and the "flashy" bit on the end Dan Dare versus The Mekon and the red line drawn … [Read more...]