The Anatomy of Advertising Deception Using Muslims [Updated]


Updated Where to begin? Let's start with the advertisement itself. One that has "stirred controversy" yet according to the company who put out the ad, SnoreStop, their new campaign is supposed to be about diversity while it purposely stirs controversy. They have chosen to portray "couples". Couples who you "don't see but which exist." "As a snoring solution company, … [Read more...]

The Day of The Awards of the Absurd, The Nobel Peace Prize Becomes Toilet Paper

Illustration by Carlos Latuff

By Robin Two of them, yes two are in the news today. Two awards announced that are so far into the realm of the absurd, the stuff science fiction is made of, that one must shudder at the realization, Orwell's "1984" has truly arrived, war has become peace. The first news has circled the globe already, our president, Barak Obama, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The … [Read more...]

A Day With Hedy Epstein

A warning to readers, the below article contains graphic passages. In January of this year, my teenage daughter and I went to an event in Los Angeles sponsored by Women in Black at which Hedy Epstein*, a Holocaust survivor, ardent anti-Zionist, human rights worker spoke. Hedy did not speak of her own biography today, but from her website I garnered the following information: … [Read more...]