Steve Amsel: Where Have All The Nazis Gone?


... They're in the graveyard (almost) every one .... (Borrowed FROM) So what is a nazi hunting organisation supposed to do now? Since its founding, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has been actively hunting throughout the world for former nazi war criminals. It has become one of the most profitable branches of the holocaust industry, probably only second in line to the ADL … [Read more...]

Ship Of Fools – False Flags On The High Seas

By Steve Amsel | Sabbah Report | Did you hear about the 'kidnapping' of passengers on a Flotilla to Gaza? Did you hear about 'ransom demands' by the 'captain' of the ship? NO??? Just what I thought.... you know why? It's all BS! Nothing but a cheap and slimy way to get the attention of the press... but it does not seem to be working. The entire … [Read more...]

Nakba, the Forgotten Child of the Holocaust


By Steve Amsel | Sabbah Report | Sunday evening at sundown, sirens will sound throughout Israel to commemorate the start of Holocaust Remembrance Day. On Monday, ceremonies will be held in various cities, the main one being at Yad Vashem, the memorial park in Jerusalem. Friday was the anniversary of the massacre at Deir Yassin, the startof the 'other … [Read more...]

The Inhumanity Of Zionism


By Steve Amsel We enjoyed summer weather in Jerusalem until about a week ago. The days were hot, the evenings were cool.... but not cold. There wasn't a sign of rain. This literally changed overnight as cold winds and rain turned the clock into winter mode. That's when the Israeli authorities decided to destroy the tent that an evicted family was living in. The family in … [Read more...]

Third Intifada Or Final Solution?

Image by Arzeh

By Steve Amsel The timing seems too coincidental for the 'riots' around the AlAqsa Mosque to be the fault of the Palestinians. The 'Second Intifada' started nine years ago, almost to the day, when Palestinians were provoked by a visit by Ariel Sharon to the same area. Again, the Palestinians have been pushed too far to remain silent... it is not only their nationhood that is … [Read more...]