‘Art Attack': meet the new creative dissenters for Palestine

Artist Peter Kennard meets members of a new generation of artistic dissenters in a movement spearheaded by artist Banksy, whose art has featured in Occupied Palestine as well as his native UK. Art attack by Peter Kennard | New Statesman | 17 January 2008 (cross-posted at peoplesgeography.com) Banksy attracts the press attention, but around him is an increasingly … [Read more...]

Piss On Bush!

I fell off my chair laughing and could not believe my eyes when I saw this funny picture: Don't you just feel like doing it.... NOW :) Well, this is not the first time I come across some of this "art". It actually reminds me of a Belgian one few years ago. This website report from Brussels about a urinal sticker with a picture of George W. Bush and the American flag … [Read more...]

MSLM and Muslim Chics

A while ago, the International Herald Tribune had an article about how Muslim fashion designers are getting more creative: But young Muslim entrepreneurs around the world are making their own fashion statements, modestly, challenging the status quo in their communities as well as stereotypes outside. [...] Specialty fashion houses and companies starting distinct ranges … [Read more...]