Israel and the World Cup: Always Scores High


By Haitham Sabbah | Sabbah Report | Congratulations to all football lovers, the countdown has finally come to end and now we can all watch the new edition of the World Cup. Football was always one of the few things that brings the world together. Well, everyone but Israel. It seems that … [Read more...]

Gaza World Cup (May 1st until May 15th, 2010)


It seems that football fans might be able to do what Arab governments have miserably failed to achieve or even address: lifting the illegal inhuman Israeli siege off Gaza! Get involved! Efforts like the Gaza World Cup, as cliché as it sounds, are only as strong as those who choose to seize the … [Read more...]

Palestinians Make Football History


At last, Palestinians now have a new way to express their national pride - through soccer. The Palestinian team has existed for a decade, but until today the Palestinian squad played its "home games" in Arab countries, including Jordan and Qatar, although Palestine has been a FIFA member since 1998. The … [Read more...]

Israel’s great “humanitarian gesture”

Allowing two Gazans to train for Olympics in Jericho "In a rare move defined by Israeli authorities as a 'humanitarian gesture', officials decided to permit two members of the Palestinian Olympic team to cross the borders from Gaza and the West Bank in order to train in Jericho and Jerusalem, so that they … [Read more...]

The first Saudi female soccer team, Congratulation!

On behalf of the Palestinian soccer fans and the Palestinian National Women Football team, I would like to congratulate the first Saudi female soccer team. The first soccer match between female teams has taken place in Alkhobbar (Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province). The match was held between two teams of … [Read more...]

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Kick Arsenal Ball, OUT!

Sokari has the latest development about the English football club, Arsenal, deal with Israel. After the Israeli tourism ministry delayed the start of its advertising campaign with Arsenal for fear of receiving negative reactions due to the recent war on Lebanese, the 515,000 euros deal was announced. … [Read more...]

‘The Da Vinci Code’ and Bahrain Traffic

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It was pleasant to read a small news piece in al-Watan newspaper this morning, which states some figures about increasing numbers of visitors through King Fahd Causeway to the Kingdom of Bahrain during last June compared to the same period last month. The newspaper report that 316,757 car carrying 625,552 … [Read more...]

Kuwaitis protest and say “KEFAYA”

I found this ironic. Is it the turn of Kuwait? (AFP) Around 200 Kuwaiti soccer fans called for the resignation of Kuwait Football Association officials after the national team's poor form during their World Cup qualifying games. The protestors, standing outside the KFA offices, raised placards … [Read more...]