‘Boycott Israel’ mobile app in final stages


The Boycott Israel movement is developing a smart-phone application that will allow followers to avoid Israeli products. The campaign for Palestinian rights continues to gather momentum, despite Israeli accusations of anti-Semitism. Update: Follow the BDS app project here: http://bdsapp.org/ By SR … [Read more...]

Israel use social media to moralise Gaza massacre


Israel has effectively 'weaponised' PTSD by disseminating bites via social media in order to legitimise its offensive. Social media and the discourse of trauma during 'Pillar of Defence' By Nicola Perugini The first Israeli military tweet reads "'Harmless' rockets? Staggering number of kids in southern … [Read more...]

Syria Shuts Down the Internet As Revolt Gains Steam

Internet intelligence firm Renesys reported on its blog that starting at 3:35 UTC yesterday, approximately two-thirds of all Syrian networks became unreachable from the global Internet. Over the course of roughly half an hour, the routes to 40 of 59 networks were withdrawn from the global routing … [Read more...]

US Steps Up Anti-Arab Cyber Propaganda War

The US military is developing software that would allow military personnel to use fake profiles in online chat rooms. The idea is to use social media to spread "positive" messages about the United States and its allies such as Israel. While the Pentagon says it is a bid to counter violent extremist and … [Read more...]

Israel deploys cyber team to spread positive spin

By Jonathan Cook * | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitters and Facebook may not be all that it seems. Israel's foreign ministry is reported to be establishing a special undercover team of paid … [Read more...]

Links: Daily Roundup

lifestreams - your life live lifestrea.ms - life is just another feed Handy Designer's Tools "On The Fly" Noupe is a design weblog created to inspire creativity by sharing innovative resources and websites to bloggers, freelancers and web designers. Site-Perf.com - Know all about your … [Read more...]

CAMERA’s broken lens

EI study refutes CAMERA media bias accusation By Shervan Sardar, The Electronic Intifada, 18 August 2008 http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article9711.shtml The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) is a media monitoring organization with a large database of supporters … [Read more...]

Facebook: Danger to Israeli Security?

Read and laugh: Israeli soldiers warned about Facebook [USA TODAY] Israeli defense officials say they've identified an unlikely new threat to national security - Facebook. A new list of rules aims to prevent soldiers and Defense Ministry employees from revealing classified information on social … [Read more...]

Google and Facebook Celebrate Israel’s 60th

Blair, Gorbachev, Streisand to attend Israel's 60th President Shimon Peres is bringing in top personalities from around the world to celebrate Israel's 60th birthday. United States President George W. Bush, Barbra Streisand, Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev and Rupert Murdoch ... But guess who is … [Read more...]

Desperate to Censorship Facebook! (Updated)

"You know you are doing well when Zionists and their alike are desperately trying to silence you." Image by: Carlos LatuffThis is exactly what is happening to me on Facebook for two consecutive days now. As you know, beside Sabbah's Blog, I also run the aggregator, Palestine Blogs - The … [Read more...]

Sabbah and Palestine Blogs Facebook App

My Facebook App! Available now! I hope you will add the app to your profile and support Sabbah's Blog as well Palestine Blogs - The Gazette. Grab them here: Sabbah's http://apps.facebook.com/sabbahblog/ Palestine Blogs - The Gazette http://apps.facebook.com/palestineblogs/ … [Read more...]

Microsoft Web 2.0 and Refugees

I feel sick to my stomach when I see a multi-billion giant like Microsoft using “children refugees” as a cover up to market their latest web 2.0 businesses called live.com! While doing my search for my previous story, I came across a press release by UNHCR which said: “Microsoft launches “Click for … [Read more...]

Internet Enemies and Corruption Index 2006

Yesterday, Transparency International published the annual report, where it showed that most Arab states are among worst ranked (UAE - 31, Qatar - 32, Bahrain - 36, Oman - 39, Jordan - 40, Kuwait - 46, Tunisia - 51, Lebanon - 63, Saudi - 70, Egypt - 70, Morocco - 79, Algeria - 84, Mauritania - 84, Syria - 93, … [Read more...]


Update Nov 2nd: Mahmood's Blog is back! It's official, Mahmood's Blog (http://mahmood.tv) will be blocked effective immediately, by the orders of the Bahraini Ministry of Information. Together with 6 other web sites (listed below), the official memo was delivered to all the ISP's in Bahrain this … [Read more...]

Israel backed by army of cyber-terrorist

Now I know why all of a sudden my blog was full with pro-Israel-terrorist in the last few weeks: WHILE Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet. Israel's Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to … [Read more...]

Arabisc: Arabic Bloggers Ken, War and Women Rights

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The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogs. It was initially published at Global Voices... Summer holidays, women rights, war in Iraq and war in Palestine. These are some of the permanent scene in the Arabic language blogsphere these days. Here is some of what few … [Read more...]

Spinsters World & Women Rights in Arab Land

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It's women again! A report published by Khaleej Times said that a survey conducted by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Planning reveals a shocking number of "spinsters" across Saudi Arabia. To be precise, the exact number of the unmarried females has been recorded at 1,529,418. Now from the last census I could … [Read more...]