‘Boycott Israel’ mobile app in final stages


The Boycott Israel movement is developing a smart-phone application that will allow followers to avoid Israeli products. The campaign for Palestinian rights continues to gather momentum, despite Israeli accusations of anti-Semitism. Update: Follow the BDS app project here: http://bdsapp.org/ By SR Editor - Sabbah Report § http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=20193 The BDS (Boycott, … [Read more...]

Toilet surveillance: Israel spying on your shit – literally!


Building Israel: The Start-Up Nation The story was headlined: “Jerusalem mayor demands investigation of secret ‘smart tracking devices’ in toilets”. The executives of an Israeli-company that installed high tech toilets to secretly track the smart-phones of defecators is facing charges of ‘privacy violation’. The company, cleverly named ‘Two Commandments’, ( as in … [Read more...]

Israel use social media to moralise Gaza massacre


Israel has effectively 'weaponised' PTSD by disseminating bites via social media in order to legitimise its offensive. Social media and the discourse of trauma during 'Pillar of Defence' By Nicola Perugini The first Israeli military tweet reads "'Harmless' rockets? Staggering number of kids in southern #Israel have PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]". And a few minutes … [Read more...]