A brief history of unprosecuted Israeli foreign agent, smuggling and espionage cases.


By Grant F. Smith - Sabbah Report § I'm not going to tell you about the ten years of research that have gone into trying to answer one single, hard question which is "is Israel and its U.S. lobby above the law in the United States?" I've spent ten years trying to answer that question, I going to share with you a few case studies very quickly. We got off on the wrong foot … [Read more...]

Canada, Zionist power and World War II myths

Exploding Middle East Myths: 15 Years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda

The Martinez Perspective, host Brandon Martinez talks at length with Greg Felton, a Canadian investigative reporter and author about Zionist power in Canada, myths and propaganda surrounding World War II and the abuse of history. Freedom to discuss, discourse and investigation of controversy, rehashing well-known and controversial topics is in a sense, perhaps, something we … [Read more...]

Old Testament Armed Forces

The negative effects of evangelical Christianity in the U.S. military

Religious zealotry runs rampant in the U.S. military,and among those wishing to deploy it. By Philip Giraldi - Sabbah Report The connection between America’s wars in the Middle East—and its wars more generally—with the more fundamentalist forms of Christianity in the United States is striking. Opinion polls suggest that the more religiously conservative one is, the … [Read more...]

Jewish Greatest Genocidal Criminals – Part 1

genocidal Jews -1

By Dr. Elias Akleh | Sabbah Report Since the beginning of human history we have witnessed so many genocidal murderers; kings, presidents, military leaders and political clergy, who called for, advocated and perpetrated genocidal crimes against whole nations. A thorough study of those criminals shows clearly that the worst genocidal murderers throughout history were mostly … [Read more...]

Sy Hersh’s Chemical Misfire


What the legendary reporter gets wrong about Syria's sarin attacks. BY ELIOT HIGGINS Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, published an article over the weekend that calls into question who really launched the chemical weapons attack that brought the United States to the brink of war in Syria. In particular, Hersh focuses on the munitions used in the … [Read more...]