RAW: Al-Shujaiyah Massacre


GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING This video shows bodies of all ages littering the streets of the Shujayea (Al-Shajaiyah) in Gaza, killed by Israeli terrorist bombardment. It was taken today. We must warn you this contains distressing images of death. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING WARNINGW ARNING WARNING WARNING … [Read more...]

Online Live Stream From #GazaUnderAttack


Palestinian TV's Alaqsa TV LIVE NOTE: All profits are donated to Gaza (via UNRWA) Palestine Today NOTE: All profits are donated to Gaza (via UNRWA) Al-Quds TV NOTE: All profits are donated to Gaza (via UNRWA) Al Mayadeen Live NOTE: All profits are donated to Gaza (via … [Read more...]

Israel Attacks Gaza Hospitals

Israel Attacks Gaza Hospitals

International activists remain in Gaza hospital threatened by Israeli missiles Last night, Israel's army fired five warning missiles at El-Wafa geriatric hospital in Gaza City, Gaza. International volunteers now staying in the hospital in solidarity, have said they, "can hear missiles falling close … [Read more...]

Israel’s Apologists: Jon Faine is at it Again


By Anthony Lawson - Sabbah Report § Jon Faine, of Radio 774 ABC Melbourne, interviews and insults former Australia Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser, in the process attempting to defend the indefensible, Israel. In his book, Dangerous Allies, Mr Fraser's suggests that it is time for Australia to … [Read more...]

Area C


Israel exercises total control over Area C, which forms 61 percent of the land of the West Bank. Under the Oslo Accords (the 1993 interim agreement between Israel and the PLO), the West Bank was divided into three Areas, A, B and C, which were put under different jurisdictions. Within these parcels … [Read more...]

Lost cities of Palestine Pre-1948 Nakba [Video]


An extraordinary insight into Palestinian life in the city before 1948, revealing the loss of a culture and lifestyle. By Haitham Sabbah - Sabbah Report § Rarely seen archival footage accompanies memories and accounts of forgotten Palestinian cities and the catastrophic effect the creation of … [Read more...]

Why do Israeli soldiers bully Palestinians?


The violent behavior of the Israeli soldier videotaped aiming his rifle at a Palestinian teen, setting off a storm in the media, especially the social media — was not exceptional. By Amira Hass - Sabbah Report § Why did his commanders send a soldier with a record of violence to bully Palestinians in … [Read more...]

Gaza Writes Back


Yousef Aljamal discusses Omar X, a story about the death of his brother, featured in a collection of short stories by Gazan writers Transcript YOUSEF ALJAMAL, WRITER, BLOGGER, AND TRANSLATOR: "Omar X". The night was silent. The moon hid behind some summer clouds. His smile revealed his young … [Read more...]

#there_was_no_Palestine collection

Women of Ramallah, Palestine, 1906

By Haitham Sabbah § Sabbah Report § (Also watch Lost cities of Palestine Pre-1948 Nakba [Video]) Some of @sabbah photo collection of Palestine ( Refuting #there_was_no_Palestine ) [View the story "#there_was_no_Palestine " on Storify] You can also watch it as a slide show … [Read more...]