Journey into an Invisible war in Occupied Palestine

Journey into an Invisible war

A filmmaker travels through the West Bank exploring the relationship between Palestinians and Israeli settlers. "We recognise that the Palestinian state must be big enough to be viable, to be independent, to be prosperous. We will be generous," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said. But … [Read more...]

Canada, Zionist power and World War II myths

Exploding Middle East Myths: 15 Years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda

The Martinez Perspective, host Brandon Martinez talks at length with Greg Felton, a Canadian investigative reporter and author about Zionist power in Canada, myths and propaganda surrounding World War II and the abuse of history. Freedom to discuss, discourse and investigation of controversy, rehashing … [Read more...]

A War on Campus?


Northeastern University Suspends Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter The Northeastern University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine has become the latest student group to face reprimand for organizing around the Palestinian cause. Northeastern has suspended the group until 2015, barring … [Read more...]

“Zionism is dividing humanity” – Dieudonne


What I’m trying to say is that Zionism is dividing humanity. It is trying to rule by making us fight one another. They have organized all the wars and organized all the disorders on this planet.” — Dieudonne Video: Dieudonné M’bala M’bala (@MbalaDieudo), generally known … [Read more...]

Video: Palestine before the Zionist cancer

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Source: Have you ever wondered what Palestine looked like before the Zionist cancer brought racism, hatred, bloodshed, mass land theft and ethnic cleansing to the country? Thanks to Lobster Films, a Paris-based film preservation company, we can have a brief glimpse of the country in … [Read more...]

Palestine: Oppression Will not Work

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Anyone who knows a little bit of history realizes that when there is situation where a people has refused to surrender and abandon its rights, oppressing it will not work. The only ones who may live in denial of this fact are the oppressor and those who support it. Their wishful thinking thus leads them to … [Read more...]

Gaza: The Massacre of Hijazi Family [Video]


Foad Hijazi's house was targeted by American F-16 which dropped tons of explosives on their house to bring it to rubble. The twins Mohammad Hijazi and Suhaib Hijazi were playing their last game when they were butchered. They were found sitting on the bicycles when the rescuers found them dead. The mother … [Read more...]

Muhammad Legacy Of A Prophet Film [Watch and Share]

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet Film

In our polarized climate filled with negative images and perceptions of Muslims, Unity Productions Foundation wants to provide its friends with a free resource to help counter misinformation and start a more positive dialogue about Muslims in America. UPF’s film, Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet, has already … [Read more...]

The Truth About Israel by a Jew – Miko Peled

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This man should speak at the United Nations, but would never be allowed to, because it is a hotbed of bribe-taking officials who are a disgrace to the lofty declarations which that organization claims to stand for. How can anyone expect that any degree of fairness could possibly exist in a world when what … [Read more...]

Israeli filmmaker: “But we gave back Lebanon”

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By Brenda Heard | Sabbah Report: "What do you imagine when you're in a tank?"  Israeli filmmaker Itamar Rose asks young Israeli kids.  "I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy," responds one boy.   (1:37; 1:54-1:57) These words are quickly circulating amongst internet activists.  Of … [Read more...]

American Democracy – The Funeral [video]

Once again the interests of Israel take pride of place in American politics. This time at the Democratic Convention recently held in North Carolina, when the Mayor of Los Angeles decided to take it upon his ears, alone, to judge whether or not the delegates agreed with instating or reinstating a contentious … [Read more...]

Obama and AIPAC

Obama goes all the way to AIPAC just one day before he welcomes Netanyahu. Listen to what he says about Shimon Perez and his Hagana involvement. For this, Obama will honour Perez later this Spring with American highest civilian honour: the Presidential Medal of Freedom! Worse yet to come if you can bear … [Read more...]