The Story of Palestine [video]

Video link: When the United Nations, in 1977, proclaimed 29 November of each year as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, it was a clear admission of guilt towards this people. It was recognition that the Palestinian people deserve international … [Read more...]

Mr. Baird: Don’t Equate Zionism with Judaism‏

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The following is an open letter that was sent on Nov. 7, 2011 to John Baird, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister regarding the incident that resulted in the departure of Linda Sobeh Ali, the representative of the "Palestinian Authority" to Ottawa. Mr. Baird: We emailed you on Oct. 22, 2011 enquiring about … [Read more...]

The Legend of 9/11 – 10 Years On [video]

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By Anthony Lawson* | Sabbah Report | This video concentrates on the two major 9/11 issues: The Unidentified Planes and The Controlled Demolitions. Nothing else. It does not mention the NORAD stand--down; the don't-fly and don't-go-to-work warnings or the Dancing Israelis or any of the other … [Read more...]

Muslims are our fellow Americans [video/pledge]

They are part of the national fabric that holds our country together. They contribute to America in many ways, and deserve the same respect as any of us. My Fellow American pledge to spread this message, and affirm the country's principles of liberty and justice for all. Take the pledge: … [Read more...]

81 US Lawmakers Disappear, Found in Israel [Video]

Need A Vacation? AIPAC Pays For 81 US Lawmakers Vacation In Israel While the US continues to struggle with its economic issues Congress is on vacation. Many are upset at the news reports that 81 members of Congress have chosen to spend a week relaxing in Israel. These vacations are being paid for by AIPAC. … [Read more...]

Conspiracy Theory

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By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts* | Sabbah Report | While we were not watching, conspiracy theory has undergone Orwellian redefinition. A "conspiracy theory" no longer means an event explained by a conspiracy. Instead, it now means any explanation, or even a fact, that is out of step with the … [Read more...]

Return to Palestine

Video link: On the 15th of May of every year, Palestinians and the whole world remember how it all started. How the Israelis' ethnic cleansing of a people and the destruction of a society - the Nakba - was met with global indifference. Many factors made it so, but among them was … [Read more...]

No-Fly Zone over Gaza – Petition

To: U.N. General Secretary and U.N. Security Council Petition to the United Nations Secretary General and Members of the U.N. Security Council to Establish a "No Fly Zone" over Gaza under the Principle and Norm of the "Responsibility to Protect" To Be Presented to the Honorable U.N. Secretary General … [Read more...]

The Palestine Papers: Fallout

Leaked documents pertaining to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations which include the proceedings and discussions from behind closed door meetings at the highest levels caused an uproar across the Arab world. Khaled Elgindy, Noura Erakat and Mark Perry sat on The Jerusalem Fund panel to discuss the contents of … [Read more...]

Interview with Mustafa Barghouti

Interview by Schmok On Thursday 27 January 2011, Schmok held an interview with civil rights activist and President of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), Dr. Mustafa Barghouti at his office in Ramallah. Limited capacity and a few mishaps prevented us from publishing the material any … [Read more...]

Palestine: Yet People Celebrate New Year 2011

Here is a new Christmas video for Palestine. Link: Once again the Israelis/Zionists felt threatened by a video that reminds the world of the linkage between Christmas and Palestine, on many different levels. It seems they made a organized effort to remove … [Read more...]

Friends of Israel – Enemies Inside the Gates [Video]

By Anthony Lawson *, Sabbah Report: Recently, political pressure has been brought to bear against a trades unionist KEVIN BRACKEN, for attempting to express his views about the events of 9/11, on Australia's publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC. This video redresses the balance, and … [Read more...]

Palestine: Roadmap to Peace? [Video]

A new excellent video from The Never Before Campaign: Video link: As if humanity haven't learned from the millions killed throughout history. One would think it would have been obvious by now that there is no peace without justice, and that no people will … [Read more...]

Arizona State University Students Protest IOF Soldier

A diverse group of Arizona State University students joined together to protest IOF Sargent Nadav Weinberg's lecture on the "Ethics of the IDF." The students organized a silent protest to give a voice to the Palestinian civilians who have been silenced by IOF policy. Indeed, talking about the "Ethics of … [Read more...]

The Settlement Freeze and the Peace Process Freeze [video]

With Michele Dunne, Nadia Hijab and Daniel Levy. On or about Sept. 26 the Israeli government's declared settlement moratorium came to an end. This has been identified as a major obstacle in the nascent peace talks. The moratorium has been incomplete and settlement construction has continued in many areas … [Read more...]

Dealing with Islamophobia [video]

These are the words that we wish all non-Muslims brothers and sister to hear and learn about Islam. First Community Church, Columbus, OH Preaching on Sunday, August 29, worship service with Rev Deborah C Lindsay: Video link: … [Read more...]