Tony Blair is godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter

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How Tony Blair was taken into the Murdoch family fold Wendi Deng reveals link in a magazine interview where she describes the ex-PM as one of her husband's 'closest friends' By Dan Sabbagh * (The Guardian, Monday 5 September 2011) | Sabbah Report | It was a relationship that began in political controversy but progressed to a secret family union: Tony … [Read more...]

Ship Of Fools – False Flags On The High Seas

By Steve Amsel | Sabbah Report | Did you hear about the 'kidnapping' of passengers on a Flotilla to Gaza? Did you hear about 'ransom demands' by the 'captain' of the ship? NO??? Just what I thought.... you know why? It's all BS! Nothing but a cheap and slimy way to get the attention of the press... but it does not seem to be working. The entire … [Read more...]

Fireworks Light Up Dubai as Gaza Sleeps in Darkness

$20m firework party of Dubai's latest resort, The Atlantis, on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island at Dubai.

By Nadia W. Awad Dubai was the center of attention again last week as it spent $20 million on an exorbitantly lavish, all-night party to celebrate the opening of its latest hotel, the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah. Described as the party of the decade, no expense was spared. Two thousand celebrities accepted an all-expenses-paid invitation to join the celebrations, with Hollywood … [Read more...]

Now, a kilometre-high tower in Dubai


Even as the Burj Dubai, touted to become the world's tallest building nears completion, plans have been announced for a new kilometre-high tower in Dubai - UAE. The project, inspired by Islamic design and geometry, will be located at the upcoming New Dubai development area near Jebel Ali. … [Read more...]