Obama’s Victory Shocked Israel. Will MOSSAD Assassinate Obama?

Mossad Recruiting Ad

Yedioth Aharonot: "An Ugly Victory" Emphasizing the wild reaction of the Hebrew media and Israel’s upper echelon of politicians to Obama’s victory, Mossad opened on the same day a recruiting campaign over the internet. Its ads appeared next to pictures illustrating the victory, creating an eerie image. Is Mossad about to gear up sinister old plans for a presidential … [Read more...]

Will Saudi Arabia Become An Oil Importer By 2030?

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By Kjell Aleklett * One week ago the news spread that Saudi Arabia would be forced to become an importer of oil by 2030. It was an article in Bloomberg's Businessweek that announced this sensational news and referred to a report titled "Saudi Petrochemicals - The End of the Magic Porridge Pot?" that was released by Citigroup Global Markets Inc. on 4 September. I have now had … [Read more...]

What will your biggest New Year’s resolution be in 2007?

Ok, January 1st: a day of hangovers and new commitments to ourselves to improve our lives in the New Year. There's just something about those two 1's that give us that feeling of a fresh start and a chance to make life better than it was last year. Share with us how you resolution-makers plan to do it. Get Your Poll Widget If yours wasn't on this list, do share your … [Read more...]

Nuclear War will start on September 12, 2006

Yisrayl Hawkins, the well known Bible Scholar and prolific author, reports in his latest monthly newsletter http://www.yahweh.com/Newsletters/nl08-06.htm "Nuclear War will start on September 12, 2006." This is quite a startling statement. In summary, the newsletter says that the war that is currently taking place between Israel and Lebanon, and inflaming the whole Middle … [Read more...]

Hassan Nasrallah dies by Israeli air strike, ‘Michel Hayek’s’ unpublished predictions said

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Everyone knows Michel Hayek for his famous predictions, future forecasts and consultations. He is Lebanon's top psychic. On 2004 New Year's Eve, he predicted the death of Beirut MP and An-Nahar General Manager Gebran Tueni. That evening, as has been the case for nearly a decade, Hayek appeared on LBC television to offer 16 predictions for the following year, 14 of which came … [Read more...]