Will Saudi Arabia Become An Oil Importer By 2030?

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By Kjell Aleklett * One week ago the news spread that Saudi Arabia would be forced to become an importer of oil by 2030. It was an article in Bloomberg's Businessweek that announced this sensational news and referred to a report titled "Saudi Petrochemicals - The End of the Magic Porridge Pot?" that was … [Read more...]

Nuclear War will start on September 12, 2006

Yisrayl Hawkins, the well known Bible Scholar and prolific author, reports in his latest monthly newsletter http://www.yahweh.com/Newsletters/nl08-06.htm "Nuclear War will start on September 12, 2006." This is quite a startling statement. In summary, the newsletter says that the war that is currently … [Read more...]

What’s Your 2006 Predictions?

So again like last year, let me start by wishing all my Christian friends and brothers a Merry Christmas and wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope it brings a fresh hope and new resolutions to us all. Amal has beaten me in her predictions for 2006 (and she made me laugh to death), but it is never too late. … [Read more...]

We need 5.3 planets!

CAUTION: THIS QUIZ MAY SURPRISE YOU, SHOCK YOU, OR MAKE YOU THINK. PLEASE REMAIN CALM...BUT NOT TOO CALM!! This Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. After answering 15 questions, here is my result: … [Read more...]

One in six countries facing food shortage

One in six countries in the world face food shortages this year because of severe droughts that could become semi-permanent under climate change, UN scientists warned yesterday... Expect more war, and because of fighting over resources, more resources to be used to get those resources... just think about how … [Read more...]

Matrix and Brain Downloads

A couple of months ago, the Japanese entertainment giant Sony has patented an idea for transmitting data directly into the brain, with the goal of enabling a person to see movies and play video games in which they smell, taste and perhaps even feel things, it was reported today. That sounded science … [Read more...]

Prophecy and The Crusade Against Evil

[Qoute:] The Christian scenario dictates that the “final battle in the history of the future will be fought on ancient battlefield in northern Israel called Armageddon. And the Jews? Well, two thirds of them will have been wiped out by now. But the survivors will accept Jesus at last.” Gershom Gorenberg is … [Read more...]

What’s Your 2005 Predictions?

First, let me wish all my Christian friends and bro's a Merry Christmas. (Special wishes to Natsha) Also, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope it brings a fresh hope and new resolutions to us all. 2005 holds a few challenges and everyone will be directly touched by his history and looking … [Read more...]

Faces of Jesus

Christians have been making images of Jesus since the early centuries of the church. The Holy Shroud of Turin is probably the most famous (and most controversial) image of Christ. Many have argued that it is a direct-contact image of Christ, dating from the 1st century AD, while others rely on … [Read more...]

Vehicles of Tomorrow

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Driver monitoring through head and eye tracking (which Volvo is already implementing), Adaptive Cruise Control systems, maybe even pedestrian recognition systems. With cars becoming more like semi-intelligent robots every year. … [Read more...]

Transported Over Light

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The super-fast future of computing. One of the scientists who helped pioneer Star Trek-style teleporting in a ground-breaking experiment says he hopes we will see a ultra-fast quantum computer in action by 2035. Sorry Scotty Wilder dreams of using quantum physics in order to beam yourself from A … [Read more...]

Bringing Down the Internet

What if hackers were motivated not by loneliness or greed, but by malice? Some experts now think a global cybercrisis is inevitable. If you wanted to write a science-fiction thriller about the day the Internet crashed, you?d start with a computer geek. Armed with nothing but a laptop and a high-speed … [Read more...]