Censorship Is The Norm


By Lawrence Davidson and Janet Amighi - Sabbah Report § Shutting Down the Academics Most Americans assume the United States government speaks "the truth" to its citizens and defends their constitutional right to "free speech" (be it in the form of words or dollars). On the other hand, it is always the … [Read more...]

BBC misreports John Kerry on talks failure


For once, US Secretary of State John Kerry was not mincing his words when he blamed Israel for the breakdown of talks with the Palestinians. But you would not have known this if you were following the story from the BBC News website. By Nureddin Sabir - Editor, Redress Information & … [Read more...]

Danny Schechter: Will Americans ever get to see Al Jazeera?


Even though Al Jazeera is considered "controversial", competitors "fear its reputation for news excellence". By Danny Schechter Why does our media system attract so many uninformed and unbrave people who are locked into such predictable and parochial attitudes? Do they have an agenda that the public is … [Read more...]

Jonathan Cook: Murdoch, Petraeus and the US media matrix


The Murdoch story is one of the most important and far-reaching political/cultural stories of the past 30 years, an ongoing tale without equal. Carl Bernstein, of All the President’s Men fame, has a revealing commentary in the Guardian today, though revealing not entirely in a way he appears to understand. … [Read more...]

Gaza: When Propaganda Masquarades as News


By Prof. James F. Tracy The week-long Israeli onslaught against largely defenseless Palestinians in Gaza that began on November 14 provides a basis for assessing how Western corporate media whitewash the war crimes of America's foremost ally in the Middle East. There are three often intertwined techniques … [Read more...]

Few facts, a lot of racism: Palestine in US media

Illustration by Carlos Latuff

Western media has been struggling to question the Israeli narrative when it comes to conflict and perspective. By Charlotte Silver The worst time to try to grasp a political conflict is during a military confrontation. And yet, it is only at such times that the US media covers the conflict between … [Read more...]

RT’s Abby Martin : Israel’s War on Truth


RT's presenter, Abby Martin, highlights the Israeli Military’s deliberate bombing of a media building housing multiple media offices and targeting of journalists, including the RT office in Gaza, during their recent offensive named ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud,’ their audacity to rationalize it and for making … [Read more...]

BBC role in Gaza Massacre


As Gaza is savaged again, understanding the BBC's role requires more than sentiment Israel has successfully intimidated the BBC into presenting the theft of Palestinian land and the caging, torturing and killing of its people as an intractable “conflict” between equals. In Peter Watkins’ remarkable BBC … [Read more...]

Is attacking Gaza really about Hamas rockets?


"They stole my land, burnt my olive trees, destroyed my house, took my water, bombed my country, imprisoned my father, killed my mother, took my job, starved us all, humiliated us all, But I am to blame: I shot a rocket back. So they stole more of my land, burnt my olive trees, destroyed my … [Read more...]

Media Cover for Israeli Crimes in Gaza


The pattern playing out in Gaza is one Israel followed many times before. Provocations target adversaries. Multiple ones usually occur before targets respond. Blame the victim follows. Israeli aggression is called self-defense. Legitimate defense is called terrorism. Media scoundrels support Israel in … [Read more...]

US Media’s Cultural Bias

Graphix by Don Nash at Skulzwerks

US Media's Cultural Bias By Jamal Kanj | Sabbah Report: http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=14287 LAST week I referred to Edward Said's scholarly work on Western media coverage of Muslim and Arab countries, shaped by discreet cultural biases or political motives. This fact couldn't be more pertinent than in recent … [Read more...]

How the Government’s lies become truth

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by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | Sabbah Report: http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=14115 In my last column, “A Culture of Delusion,” I wrote that “Americans live in a matrix of lies. Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision.” This column will use two top news stories, Iranian nukes and Julian … [Read more...]