Israel’s War on American Universities


The banning of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Northeastern University in Boston on March 7, along with a university threat of disciplinary measures against some of its members, replicates sanctions being imposed against numerous student Palestinian rights groups across the country. The attacks, … [Read more...]

A War on Campus?


Northeastern University Suspends Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter The Northeastern University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine has become the latest student group to face reprimand for organizing around the Palestinian cause. Northeastern has suspended the group until 2015, barring … [Read more...]

Israel vs. No. 2 Pencils


By Lena K. Awwad and Shatha I. Hussein As countless students around the world took the SAT a week ago, Palestinians from the West Bank could not join their ranks. The October SAT exam was cancelled for students in the West Bank: The Israeli authorities held the exams sent by the College Board for weeks, … [Read more...]

East Jerusalem Schools: Failing Grade

Schools in East Jerusalem use the curriculum of the Palestinian Authority [Jillian Kestler-D'Amours/Al Jazeera]

by Stephen Lendman | Sabbah Report: In August, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) released a report titled "Failed Grade: East Jerusalem's Failing Educational System." It's grim reading. It shows how Palestinian children are marginalized and deprived. Failed … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Occupied Palestine

Education and behaviour in Israel and Palestine By Lawrence Davidson * | Sabbah Report | Education as indoctrination Over the last 10 years there have been periodic outbursts of rage over the alleged anti-Semitic nature of Palestinian textbooks. Most of these episodes have been … [Read more...]

Eight American Universities Say Yes to Apartheid

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By Lawrence Davidson* | Sabbah Report | A letter from Gaza appeared on the Web dated September 24, 2010. It was from a group of Gaza academics and students and sought to publicize the fact that eight American universities have recently signed agreements with various Israeli universities to … [Read more...]

Richard Falk Salute UC Berkeley Divestment


April 13, 2010 To the Senate of the Associated Students of the University of California, Berkeley (ASUC): I am writing to encourage renewed support for Senate Bill 118A ("A Bill in Support of ASUC Divestment from War Crimes"), including the override of ASUC President Will Smelko's veto on March 24, … [Read more...]

AIPAC is taking over the campuses

Just like they take over DC! Why bother with moral persuasion when you can just threaten to take U.S. government . . . everywhere? On March 18, UC Berkeley's student senate voted 16 to 4 in favor of divesting from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation. A week later, in a move oddly predicted … [Read more...]

Palestinian classes held at Israeli army checkpoint


Israeli soldiers prevent students and others from crossing a checkpoint between their homes and schools on the edge of the West Bank city of Qalqiliya on 17 March 2010. Some teachers used the checkpoint as a makeshift classroom and held studies despite the closure, which was linked to clashes elsewhere in the … [Read more...]

Gaza’s youth not ‘superfluous’


By Yousef Munayyer* | Sabbah Report | 'TO CUT down on gang-related crimes, policies could be put in place to curb the African-American population growth in places like Harlem and Compton. The government could consider cutting off welfare benefits for families in these urban areas to … [Read more...]

Uphill battle for academic freedom in US universities

University students demonstrate at Hampshire college. (Hampshire SJP)

By Nora Barrows-Friedman* | Sabbah Report | In 2009, Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, became the first American higher educational institution to successfully pressure its Board of Trustees to divest from Israel-tied mutual funds. The victory came three decades after the college … [Read more...]

Rules of human decency apply to Israelis too

A dose of their own (academic) medicine might help the message sink in By Stuart Littlewood* | Sabbah Report | Poor Berlanty. What did she do to deserve this crushing blow to her hopes and life chances? The Israeli High Court has denied her justice - again - and prevented Berlanty … [Read more...]

The Zionist con game in America

NTNU Norway - Proposes Academic Boycott of Israel

By Paul J. Balles* | Sabbah Report | Paul J. Balles views the twisted logic and demeaning tone of American Zionists who casually falsify history and dismiss the rights of the Palestinian people in defence of Israel. Several days ago (9 November 2009), David Harris, Executive Director of … [Read more...]