Interview with Dr. Haidar Eid: ‘The Palestinian struggle is not about independence – it is about liberation’

Dr. Haidar Eid

David Letwin and Dr. Haidar Eid David Letwin (Jews for Palestinian Right of Return) interviews Dr. Haidar Eid, Associate Professor, Department of English Literature, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Dr. Eid is also a one-state activist and a member of Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). David Letwin: Many Palestinian … [Read more...]

Two-State Solution or Illusion?

shrinking map of palestine

The Two-State Solution Peter Beinart is a “liberal Zionist” who has written a piece in the New York Review of Books of 26 September 2013 entitled “The American Jewish Cocoon.” In this essay he laments, “The organized Jewish community [is] a closed intellectual space.” By this he means that most American Zionist Jews (it is important to remember that not all Jews are Zionists) … [Read more...]

One State: The Palestinians’ Only Option


In the final countdown to the UN General Assembly vote on recognition of Palestine as a non-member state, the PLO has indicated that it's expecting "a pleasant surprise", it being the number of European countries which will not do Zionism's bidding on this occasion and will vote for the resolution. Victory for the Palestinians in this forum can be taken for granted, and it will … [Read more...]

Robert Fisk: One of Israel’s great leftist warriors wants peace with Hamas and Gaza – but does the Knesset?

Stop the Gaza war - Tel Aviv, Nov. 17. 2012

Uri Avnery roars out against Netanyahu and his government and foresees growing ethnic strife in Israel Old Uri Avnery is 89 but he’s still a fighter. In fact, the famed writer is still one of the great old leftist warriors of Israel, still demanding peace with the Palestinians, peace with Hamas and a Palestinian state on the old ’67 borders – give or take a few square … [Read more...]

Palestine: One or Two State Solution?

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by Stephen Lendman | Sabbah Report: Opinions vary. Why isn't clear. Years ago, two states were possible. No longer. Israel controls over half the West Bank and much of East Jerusalem. More is added daily. When completed, the apartheid wall will control over 10% of Palestine. Isolated ghettoized bantustans on worthless scrubland won't work. … [Read more...]