Shibley Telhami: Would Israelis and Palestinians Support a Realistic Peace Deal?

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By Shibley Telhami Introduction In July of 2013, the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed to begin a nine- month period of talks, under U.S. sponsorship, to see if agreement could be achieved on a basic framework for a final settlement of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. One of the major questions lying behind the talks is: what will be the … [Read more...]

Geneva-Iran, Geneva-Syria: Why not a Geneva conference for Palestine?

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It's time to officially accept the reality: A nuclear occupying power like Israel is comfortable in the current setting of negotiations. By Muhammad Shtayyeh The decision to accept the two-state solution was not easy for the people of Palestine. Our declaration of independence in 1988 - the acceptance of a State of Palestine on the 1967 border - was a huge and … [Read more...]

Palestinians Lose Again


Obama Can’t Do Multitasking Though the President of the United States is responsible for the management of the nation’s foreign policy he hardly has a free hand. Congress has increasingly been playing a role utilizing its power to legislate and also its control over the federal budget while various non-government constituencies within the United States have the ability to … [Read more...]

20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied


Remembering the destruction of yet another Palestinian family's home in the West Bank yesterday, which adds to the 15,000 destroyed since 1993, the infographic 20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied focuses on the reality of ongoing demolitions and settlements behind the peace talks. Twenty years ago, the PLO Central Council approved the Oslo Accord with the … [Read more...]