EU Report on East Jerusalem

Dismayed by the refusal of EU to publish their own Ramallah and East Jerusalem Heads of Mission findings regarding Israeli state actions towards non Jewish residents of East Jerusalem, Jewish and other peace groups and Palestinian Solidarity campaigns around Europe have decided they must take matters into … [Read more...]

Posters that says it all

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The first is an impressionable painting entitled “The Flutes and the Walls of Israel”, created by the Italian artist Giuliano Giuggiolo, copies of this painting feature the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. You can find more here and here! The second … [Read more...]

Building Bridges

"What I'm doing is buying 250 video cameras and players and dividing them up, giving 125 of them to Palestinian children, 125 to Israeli kids, so they can make movies about their own lives. Not dramas, just little documentaries about who they are and what they believe in, who their parents are, where they go … [Read more...]

Should we?

The Palestinian/Israeli walk and talk was more than emotional conversation, was more than difficult and cathartic. Maybe there were few tears that night, but to me, tonight is my third sleepless night because of that talk. Where are we going? What are we doing? And why are we doing that? Palestinians … [Read more...]