TUTU: My plea to the people of Israel – Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

TUTU: My plea to the people of Israel - Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

ATTENTION: Free Palestine billboard (below) removed from Melbourne. Take Action! UPDATE: AVAAZ spreads Tutu’s message to divest from Israel and free Palestine. Join the campaign! Editor's note: Today Australians for Palestine (AFP) had a billboard erected on the Melbourne corner of City Road and Queensbridge Street just before the Kingsway overpass heading towards South … [Read more...]

Chris Hedges, Gaza Rally in NYC: God’s Covenant in the Promised Land


Chris Hedges deliver his speech in a video made by Leigha Cohen. Hedges spoke Saturday, 9 Aug 2014, at a New York City rally and march in support of the people of Gaza. The address was inspired in part by a short essay on Facebook by Naomi Wolf. (Transcript below the video) God’s covenant in the Promised Land was not made with those who pilot F-16 fighter jets that drop … [Read more...]

How to keep the Palestinian cause alive

nakba 1948

By Alan Hart - Sabbah Report § The headline over a presentation by Jews for Justice for Palestinians of the text of a talk given by Norman Finkelstein to a number of British universities in mid-March was The End of Palestine? It’s time to sound an alarm. The purpose of this article is to do just that. In his talk which analysed U.S. Secretary of State Kerry’s peace … [Read more...]

Brayer: The Absolute Right of Palestinian Resistance


The Zionist war, both cold and hot, against the Palestinians has not stopped for even one day since 1948, and that it went into relentless high gear since 1967 and continues unabated By Lynda Burstein Brayer Once again the bombs are falling on the Gaza Strip, a stretch of territory excised from Palestine proper as a result of continuing illegal and illegitimate actions … [Read more...]