How to keep the Palestinian cause alive

nakba 1948

By Alan Hart - Sabbah Report § The headline over a presentation by Jews for Justice for Palestinians of the text of a talk given by Norman Finkelstein to a number of British universities in mid-March was The End of Palestine? It’s time to sound an alarm. The purpose of this article is to do just … [Read more...]

Brayer: The Absolute Right of Palestinian Resistance


The Zionist war, both cold and hot, against the Palestinians has not stopped for even one day since 1948, and that it went into relentless high gear since 1967 and continues unabated By Lynda Burstein Brayer Once again the bombs are falling on the Gaza Strip, a stretch of territory excised from … [Read more...]

Abbas’s Declaration Equals Balfour’s Declaration


On November 2nd 1917 the then British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, had promised the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland his country's help to establish a Jewish home land in Palestine. This is known as Balfour Declaration. Last Friday, the ninety fifth anniversary of this shameful … [Read more...]

Why is Gilad Shalit worth more than a Palestinian child?

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By Dana Halawa * I have read countless articles and watched numerous videos about Gilad Shalit being reunited with his family five years after his abduction. One typical report noted he was "just 19 years old in 2006 when he was cruelly and illegally abducted by Hamas." I have been hearing of him for the … [Read more...]

The PA’s ultimate act of resistance

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The PA should disband, but only as part of a resistance strategy that starts with ending cooperation with Israel. By Lamis Andoni* | Sabbah Report | In interviews and statements, as well as in private meetings, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has said that he is presiding over … [Read more...]

Homeland Insecurity

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter By Paul J. Balles* | Sabbah Report | "Terrorist" is probably the dirtiest label of the last decade. It has also proven convenient for a number of uses: instil fear in the populace justify large military budgets excuse … [Read more...]

What if Peace Talks “Succeed?”

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How can Palestinians ensure their rights are protected and fulfilled if an agreement is reached? By Nadia Hijab* | Sabbah Report | Overview Many commentators expect the direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians to fail. But there is a much worse scenario: What if they "succeed?" … [Read more...]

US Hamas policy blocks Middle East peace [Must read]

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By Henry Siegman* | Sabbah Report | Introduction Failed bilateral talks over these past 16 years have shown that a Middle East peace accord can never be reached by the parties themselves. Israeli governments believe they can defy international condemnation of their illegal colonial … [Read more...]

Why is Israel afraid of a few boats?


By Yousef Munayyer* | Sabbah Report | Hundreds of activists are on their way to the blockaded Gaza strip via a "flotilla" of boats carrying humanitarian and reconstruction supplies, which are badly lacking in the impoverished Palestinian territory. Israel has promised to intercept the … [Read more...]

A Day to Remember: Resistance and Liberation Day 2010


By Brenda Heard* | Sabbah Report | Anniversaries measure time. In one respect, they are an artificial concept. We decide, for instance, that twenty-five years of marriage should be celebrated, but we ignore the subsequent days as merely marking the path to twenty-six years. And reaching … [Read more...]

Desmond Tutu Letter to Bil’in


Message by Desmond Tutu on behalf of The Elders On the Occasion of the Fifth Annual Bil'in Conference on Popular Resistance. Dear Friends, On behalf of the Elders, I send warm greetings to all of you attending the Bil'in Fifth Annual Conference on Popular Resistance. We are sorry that we could not … [Read more...]

Deporting Gandhi from Palestine


By Jamal Dajani* | Sabbah Report | The Israeli government's recent announcement of Army order No. 1,650 was just the latest act of provocation in a series of calculated measures to derail any possible resumption of peace negotiations. Under this new draconian measure, anyone who doesn't have … [Read more...]

Picnicking on Mount Vesuvius?

1983 attack on the US Embassy

By Franklin Lamb* | Sabbah Report | Is the US Embassy in Lebanon squandering its diplomatic immunity? Tensions are rising in Lebanon between elected representatives in Parliament, 'Unity' Cabinet members and the American Embassy, as the 27th anniversary of the attack 1983 attack on the US … [Read more...]

Going it alone: a Third Intifada?

Nablus - photo by ANSA

By Tariq Shadid* | Sabbah Report | It may well be that the citizens of the world, tired of hearing newscasts about Israel and the Palestinians, are not in the mood to hear it. Still, pressure in Palestine is building up quickly due to Israel's continuing defiance of calls from around the … [Read more...]

Tariq Shadid – Palestine is Full of Heroes


By Tariq Shadid* | Sabbah Report | Although people in our modern times have been educated to believe that having the 'right' ideas, methods or ideologies is what causes revolutions, history teaches us that drastic changes usually happen when the majority of the people rally behind a certain … [Read more...]

Matt Beynon Rees – A Palestinian Mandela


By Matt Beynon Rees | Sabbah Report | The most important man in Palestinian politics is neither president nor prime minister. He doesn't shuttle between meetings at the US ambassador's residence and the Israeli foreign ministry. In fact, he doesn't go anywhere. He's in an Israeli … [Read more...]