Arab in Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007

It's time of the year for Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007. With all my reservations regarding Reporters Without Borders neutrality (having doubt after knowing that France is their financial supporter, although they are an NGO!), yet, their report was always a good indicator, if not the closest to reality - at least from my experiences as a blogger from the Middle East with … [Read more...]

Miss Bahrain, Miss Arab World 2007 and Stereotypes


I admit I have missed the news when it was announced end of last July, but better late than never. Honored to be Bahraini by soul for living in Bahrain for the last four years, I am very happy to know that Wafaa Ganahi, a 23-year-old teacher from the Law Faculty of Bahrain University, won the title, while the first runner-up was Miss Egypt Shaimaa Mansour and Miss Lebanon … [Read more...]

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

In the fifth annual Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index, in between 168 indexed countries, our beloved Arab countries makes sure to be among the worst. Here is the list in order from "best" to "worst": Kuwait - 73 United Arab Emirates - 77 Mauritania - 77 Qatar - 80 Morocco - 97 Lebanon - 107 Jordan - 109 Bahrain - 111 Algeria - 126 Egypt - … [Read more...]

Arab GDP Improving

According to the annual report of the Arab Economic Unity Council, the Arab GDP is improving. Her is the summery: Arab gross domestic product reached $860 billion in 2004 compared to 746.1 billion the year before. GDP growth ranged between 1.2 and 6.5 per cent while the GDP per capita rose to $2879 in 2004, compared to 2572 in 2003. The report exempted … [Read more...]

U.S. Ranks Sixth Among Countries Jailing Journalists

The United States has tied with Myanmar (the former Burma) for sixth place among countries that are holding the most journalists behind bars, according to a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Each country is jailing five journalists. The United States is holding four Iraqi journalists in detention centers in Iraq and one Sudanese, a cameraman who works for Al … [Read more...]