Will the US Also Deny Visas to Israel’s Spies?

Arnon Milchan, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ premiere in 2005

The new policy to block visas for U.N. ambassadors who engaged in espionage By Grant Smith - Sabbah Report § The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is celebrating President Barack Obama’s decision to deny a visa to Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations. AIPAC declared “The very fact that … [Read more...]

Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat

He's way over-the-top. He's his own worst enemy. His bullying/bluster offends. He repeats one Big Lie after another. It's habitual.

He's way over-the-top. He's his own worst enemy. His bullying/bluster offends. He repeats one Big Lie after another. It's habitual. By Stephen Lendman - Sabbah Report § On Thursday, Israeli Lt. Col. Peter Lerner lied. He claimed Israeli naval forces intercepted an Iranian arms vessel. It was … [Read more...]

AIPAC and Friends Explain Themselves


With a little help from the Gray Lady - The New York Times By Philip Giraldi - Sabbah Report § It is perhaps a sign of the weakening of the Israel Lobby after three significant defeats over the Chuck Hagel confirmation, bombing Syria and imposing new sanctions on Iran that the American Israel Public … [Read more...]

Prove What You Don’t Have


Prove that you don't have what I believe you have! That was an exact demand made on Saddam Hussein. He scoffed. That brought "shock and awe", and Saddam was hanged on the mother of all ropes. Prove that you don't have weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The neocons sold the logic of that empty … [Read more...]

Sanctions on Iran crippling, but will not topple regime


Sanctions on Iran caused the currency to virtually collapse last week Iran's currency virtually collapsed last week, and the public protests that followed in Tehran stirred memories of the massive anti-regime protests of 2009. This has caused excited speculation in the United States and its allies about … [Read more...]

US and its allies spread mass human misery


Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering The Economist this week describes the intensifying suffering of 75 million Iranian citizens as a result of the sanctions regime being imposed on them by the US and its allies [my emphasis]: "Six years ago, when America and Europe were putting in … [Read more...]

How the Government’s lies become truth

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by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | Sabbah Report: http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=14115 In my last column, “A Culture of Delusion,” I wrote that “Americans live in a matrix of lies. Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision.” This column will use two top news stories, Iranian nukes and Julian … [Read more...]

What Is The Real Iranian Threat?

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By Dr. Elias Akleh | Sabbah Report: http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=14082 Iran poses a great threat to Zionist terrorist state of Israel. Iran poses even greater threat to the present hegemonic world order controlled by the Western power elite through their financial institutions and the undemocratic United Nation … [Read more...]

Will Israel Launch a False Flag Against Iran to Start War?

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According to U.S. officials, Israel is training and supporting Iranian terrorists who are trying to topple the Iranian government. Those Israeli-funded terrorists have faked documents to falsely indicate that Iran is building a nuclear bomb. 1 Israel has admitted to previous use of false flag attacks to … [Read more...]

Warmonger Netanyahu at UN

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by Stephen Lendman | Sabbah Report: www.sabbah.biz Some Israeli officials around him think he's deranged for good reason. His satanic eyes alone give him away. He's a world class thug, a menace. He heads Israel's most extremist ever government. He exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon and previous hardline … [Read more...]

Israeli leaders set to repeat historical blunders

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by Uri Avnery | Sabbah Report: www.sabbah.biz I am sitting here writing this article 39 years to the minute from that moment when the sirens started screaming, announcing the beginning of the war. A minute before, total quiet reigned, as it does now. No traffic, no activity in the street, except a few … [Read more...]

Deferring to Netanyahu

by GARY LEUPP Last Saturday on CBS's "Meet the Press" (the longest-running series on U.S. television, dating back to 1947) veteran journalist David Gregory interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during "a special hour" on the theme of "Turmoil in the Middle East." The show was mostly … [Read more...]

Netanyahu at It Again


He's undisciplined, unchecked, and unambiguous. He never knows when to leave well enough alone. He makes more enemies than friends. He's a consummate loudmouth bully. He hurls unrestrained verbal assaults. More on that below. He presides over Israel's worst government. It's belligerent, hardline, and … [Read more...]

US Media Distorts Iran Nuke Dispute

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The major U.S. news media continues its biased coverage of the Israel-Iran standoff, tilting consistently in favor of Israel, in part, by ignoring Israel's actual nuclear arsenal and hyping Iran's hypothetical one. Even a rare wrist-slap from the Washington Post's ombudsman has had no effect, writes Robert … [Read more...]

Netanyahu and the World: The Wind and the Sun


Aesop tells the story of the North Wind and the Sun: who is the stronger? They chose a traveler to test their strength; which of the two could force him to remove his cloak. The North Wind went first, whirling furiously down on the traveler, whipping his cloak to wrest it from him; but the more furiously he … [Read more...]

America on Israel’s Altar

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The Boston Globe called U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul a "Republican maverick". The label has been attached to Paul primarily because he differs from the other Republican presidential candidates on foreign policy. Said The Globe after the presidential debate In Des Moines, Iowa on December … [Read more...]