The Provocateurs Know Politics And Religion Don’t Mix


So another internet clever-clogs sets the Middle East on fire: Prophet cartoons, then Koranic book-burning, now a video of robed "terrorists" and a fake desert. The Western-Christian perpetrators then go into hiding (an essential requisite for publicity) while the innocent are asphyxiated, beheaded and … [Read more...]

Lockerbie Libya Syria; Who To Frame Next

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New evidence in the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie is clearing the name of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, who was convicted and sentenced during the Camp Zeist Trial. As many intelligence experts have suggested for years, the evidence is leading towards persons in Germany, with ties to the Palestinian Front For … [Read more...]

Gaddafi Leaves Libya?

So far, reports via Twitter claim that "people are celebrating ... still lots of gunfire ... but reports from here in Libya still unconfirmed." Follow the tweets at #Libya - here's a sampling: View "Gaddafi Leaves Libya?" on Storify … [Read more...]

Roots of the Arab Revolts and Premature Celebrations

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By James Petras* | Sabbah Report | Introduction Most accounts of the Arab revolts from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq and elsewhere have focused on the most immediate causes: political dictatorships, unemployment, repression and the wounding and killing of … [Read more...]

Major Media Promote War on Libya

By Stephen Lendman * | Sabbah Report | When imperial America wants war, peace advocates are shut out by official rhetoric and hawkish media reports supporting militarism, not diplomatic efforts to achieve peace. Those for it aren't heard. Hugo Chavez's government is one. On February 28, … [Read more...]

Fidel Castro: The Nato Plan Is To Occupy Libya

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By Fidel Castro | Sabbah Report | Oil has become the principal wealth in the hands of the great Yankee transnationals; through this energy source they had an instrument that considerably expanded their political power in the world.  It was their main weapon when they decided to easily … [Read more...]

The Spectre of a Black Europe

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Why Europe Fears the North African Uprisings By Behzad Yahmaian * | Sabbah Report | While millions in the worl are celebrating the popular uprisings in North Africa, Europe is watching with skepticism and fear. The fall of the African dictators will deprive Europe of valuable allies in … [Read more...]

Tripoli – A City in the Shadow of Death

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Gunfire in the suburbs – and hunger and rumour in the capital as thousands race for last tickets out of a city sinking into anarchy Up to 15,000 men, women and children besieged Tripoli's international airport last night, shouting and screaming for seats on the few airliners still prepared to fly to … [Read more...]

Arab in Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007

It's time of the year for Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007. With all my reservations regarding Reporters Without Borders neutrality (having doubt after knowing that France is their financial supporter, although they are an NGO!), yet, their report was always a good indicator, if not the closest to reality - … [Read more...]

Miss Bahrain, Miss Arab World 2007 and Stereotypes


I admit I have missed the news when it was announced end of last July, but better late than never. Honored to be Bahraini by soul for living in Bahrain for the last four years, I am very happy to know that Wafaa Ganahi, a 23-year-old teacher from the Law Faculty of Bahrain University, won the title, while … [Read more...]


Injection is the real-life story of six health care workers falsely accused and jailed by the Libyan regime, the deplorable conditions that all led to their arrest, and the simple solution that might have prevented not only this injustice, but millions of needless infections. In Libya in 1999, five Bulgarian … [Read more...]

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006

In the fifth annual Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index, in between 168 indexed countries, our beloved Arab countries makes sure to be among the worst. Here is the list in order from "best" to "worst": Kuwait - 73 United Arab Emirates - 77 Mauritania - 77 Qatar - 80 Morocco - … [Read more...]

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Arabisc: Cultural and Art Week

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This is a cross-posting. It was initially published at Global Voices in my (semi)-weekly translation post. The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. This week, johacom was happy to find some cartoons by Arab cartoonist that depict some Official Arab … [Read more...]

U.S. Ranks Sixth Among Countries Jailing Journalists

The United States has tied with Myanmar (the former Burma) for sixth place among countries that are holding the most journalists behind bars, according to a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Each country is jailing five journalists. The United States is holding four Iraqi journalists in … [Read more...]

Press Freedom in the Middle East

WAN Press Freedom Report: The Arab World One of the Most Troubling Regions The World Association of Newspapers's press freedom review was presented to its Board, meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 14 November. The report states that the Middle East and North Africa is one of the most troubling regions in … [Read more...]

False Freedom

Human Rights Watch released its long-awaited report on Online Censorship in the Middle East and North Africa. This report examines Internet trends and policies in the Middle East and North Africa region as they affect freedom of expression, focusing particularly on Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Tunisia. Human … [Read more...]

Libyan Internet Journalist Sentenced to Prison

A Libyan court has sentenced, Abd al-Raziq al-Mansuri, an Internet journalist to one-and-a-half years in prison after he published articles critical of the government, Human Rights Watch said. The sentence is an apparent attempt by the government to silence free speech and dissenting views. Abd al-Raziq … [Read more...]

Libya: Retrial of Political Prisoners a Step Forward

Authorities Should Promptly Provide Fair Trials, Reform of Repressive Laws The Libyan Supreme Court�s reported decision on Sunday to retry 86 political prisoners is a hopeful sign of reform, Human Rights Watch said today. These Muslim Brotherhood members have served seven years in prison for nonviolent … [Read more...]

USA: United States of AFRICA

Qadhafi Advocates on Libya's 'United States of Africa' Proposals!! Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi and the Algerian and Nigerien presidents Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Mamadou Tanja Friday discussed arrangements made by the 5th African Union summit on consolidating the march towards a United States of Africa. ?? … [Read more...]