Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza: “A Slaughter of Innocents”

Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents"

Given his background, what American Jewish leader Henry Siegman has to say about Israel’s founding in 1948 through the current assault on Gaza may surprise you. From 1978 to 1994, Siegman served as executive director of the American Jewish Congress, long described as one of the nation’s "big three" Jewish organizations along with the American Jewish Committee and the … [Read more...]

MSM War on #GazaUnderAttack


Journalists daring to criticize Israel responsibility face likely dismissal and banishment from MSM employment. by Stephen Lendman Once again, Israel waged cold, calculated premeditated aggression against near defenseless Palestinians. An Israeli Goliath mercilessly attacked a Palestinian David. It did so for unjustifiable reasons. Mass slaughter, destruction … [Read more...]

Stephen Lendman: Open Letter to New York Times Editors

Open Letter to New York Times Editors

Media misinformation on what matters most exceeds it manyfold. Billions suffer globally at home and abroad. A personal note: I'm one of your fiercest critics. I'm certainly one of the most outspoken. My critiques are justified. I don't prepare them lightly. I scrupulously strive for truth and full disclosure. If only Times writers, contributors and editors maintained … [Read more...]

Media Cover for Israeli Crimes in Gaza


The pattern playing out in Gaza is one Israel followed many times before. Provocations target adversaries. Multiple ones usually occur before targets respond. Blame the victim follows. Israeli aggression is called self-defense. Legitimate defense is called terrorism. Media scoundrels support Israel in lockstep. It plays out the same way every time. Facts on the ground are … [Read more...]

New York Times Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination

Past and Present NY Times Jerusalem Bureau Chiefs: Jodi Rudoren, Ethan Bronner, Steven Erlanger, Thomas Friedman

Longstanding New York Times articles, op-eds, and editorials are notoriously one-sided for Israel. Palestinian rights don't matter, only Jewish ones. Life in Occupied Palestine harshness goes largely unreported. Crimes of war and against humanity are ignored. An earlier If Americans Knew report explained "highly disturbing patterns" of distorted, one-sided … [Read more...]