Made In Israel: Agricultural Export From Occupied Territories


Much of the agricultural produce exported from Israel is grown within Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, exported with label as produce of Israel. By Haitham Sabbah - Sabbah Report § Who Profits' report concerns the major Israeli agricultural export companies presently operating in occupied territories. The report demonstrates the severe … [Read more...]

Besieging health services in Gaza: a profitable business

Destroyed Red Crescent ambulance outside the bombed Red Crescent storage and administrative buildings in Tel el Howa, near al Quds hospital, Gaza City.

Corporate Watch's new briefing exposes how the Israeli economy profits from the siege of health services in Gaza and highlights calls from Palestinian health workers to boycott Israeli pharmaceutical companies. Read the briefing online | Download a PDF of the briefing Overview The Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip prevents the proper functioning of Palestinian health … [Read more...]

Israeli Genocide of Palestinian Olive trees


Extreme hatred of everything non-Jewish seems to be ingrained in the blood of Zionist Israeli Jews. This hatred is expressed by their warmongering politicians, their terrorist army, their fundamentalist rabbis, and their extremist civilians starting from their children up to their elderly of both sexes.  They spew out this hatred against everything Palestinian; people, homes, … [Read more...]

Michel Chossudovsky: US-NATO “Economic Terrorism”: The Collapse of Syria’s Industry and Agriculture


The Syrian economy is being hit by the combined impacts of the US-NATO sponsored terrorist attacks and the economic sanctions regime. The ultimate objective of the US-NATO covert war on Syria is the destabilization of the Syria economy and the destruction of Syria as a nation state. Economic destabilization is conducted through various means: An economic sanctions … [Read more...]

Freedom, Not Handouts, Will Save Palestine

Palestinians celebrate on a street in Gaza City November 30, 2012. The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution on Thursday to upgrade the Palestinian Authority's observer status at the United Nations from "entity" to "non-member state," implicitly recognizing a Palestinian state. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Palestine not only has a pie in the sky, it also has one off the coast of Gaza and many more across the land. The pies here are strategic economic assets for a Palestinian economy worthy of a state. But all of them are under total Israeli military control, rendering them paralyzed at best. Until the collective international community — not just the United States — starts … [Read more...]