Bishop Donald R. Corder: People of Good Conscience


Following the Israeli bombing of Syria we can observe the political factions giving rise to this act of war. President Bashar al-Assad of the besieged sovereign nation of Syria declares, “We know this and it is so well-documented that the objective of the United States and its NATO partners is to create factional violence, ethnic cleansing, promote divisions within Syria … [Read more...]

Joseph Massad: Palestinians, Egyptian Jews and propaganda

"The statements made by Issam al-Aryan, a senior leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, calling on Egyptian Jews in Israel to return home, are hardly novel," writes author (AFP)

Despite claims to the contrary, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows when Jewish Egyptians reflect on Egypt. By Joseph Massad The current propaganda war in Egypt about the Palestinians and about Egyptian Jews, which was provoked by the recent pronouncements of Issam al-Aryan, a senior leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, is nothing but a distraction from the real … [Read more...]

Chris Hedges: Egypt’s New Pharaoh And The Useful Idiots


When Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran after 14 years in exile on Feb. 1, 1979, he set out to destroy the secular opposition forces, including the Communist Party of Iran, which had been instrumental in bringing down the shah. Khomeini’s declaration of an Islamic government, supported by referendum, saw him rewrite the constitution, close opposition newspapers and … [Read more...]

Mubarak’s Thirty-Year Dictatorship

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By Stephen Lendman * | Sabbah Report | Throughout decades of brutal rule, Mubarak remained a steadfast US ally. As a result, Washington rewarded him generously. US administrations also ignored his crimes, corruption, and lawlessness, as late January released WikiLeaks cables reveal, showing Obama knew he kept power through ruthless state terror. On January … [Read more...]

The spirit of Egypt’s Tahrir Square

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Mubarak's day of departure is his day of delay By Christopher King * | Sabbah Report | The people of Egypt restore one's faith in humanity's spirit and its aspirations. Despite vicious attacks by government thugs the demonstrators have remained peaceful while defending themselves. They long for democracy; so they should and their high spirits on the … [Read more...]