Killing Palestinians with Impunity

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By Stephen Lendman* | Sabbah Report | With peace talks underway in Washington; Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt; Jerusalem; then New York, Israel, almost daily, commits crimes of war and against humanity. Some of the latest include: air strikes against Gaza, killing two Palestinian civilians … [Read more...]

Israel and the World Cup: Always Scores High


By Haitham Sabbah | Sabbah Report | Congratulations to all football lovers, the countdown has finally come to end and now we can all watch the new edition of the World Cup. Football was always one of the few things that brings the world together. Well, everyone but Israel. It seems that … [Read more...]

Desmond Tutu Letter to Bil’in


Message by Desmond Tutu on behalf of The Elders On the Occasion of the Fifth Annual Bil'in Conference on Popular Resistance. Dear Friends, On behalf of the Elders, I send warm greetings to all of you attending the Bil'in Fifth Annual Conference on Popular Resistance. We are sorry that we could not … [Read more...]

Deporting Gandhi from Palestine


By Jamal Dajani* | Sabbah Report | The Israeli government's recent announcement of Army order No. 1,650 was just the latest act of provocation in a series of calculated measures to derail any possible resumption of peace negotiations. Under this new draconian measure, anyone who doesn't have … [Read more...]

Bil’in Invaded, Two Boys Abducted


Video link: At dawn today the Israeli occupation army raided the village of Bil'in. At 2am a military force composed of a number of military jeeps and approximately 50 soldiers, abducted Hamouda Imad Yassin (16) and Ibrahim Khalil Yassin (16). After searching … [Read more...]

Danger: Popular struggle

By Amira Hass* | Sabbah Report | There is an internal document that has not been leaked, or perhaps has not even been written, but all the forces are acting according to its inspiration: the Shin Bet, Israel Defense Forces, Border Police, police, and civil and military judges. They have … [Read more...]

Sam Bahour – The Elders’ next move

Desmond Tutu, center, placed a stone on a grave in Bilin, site of weekly protests against the Israeli barrier. With him, from left: Gro Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Ela Bhatt and Abdallah Abu Rahmah. Photo: Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times

By Sam Bahour* RAMALLAH, West Bank -- At long last, a spotlight is shining on Palestinian nonviolent efforts to throw off the Israeli occupation. A visit by a group of high profile "Elders" last month to the Palestinian village of Bil'in in the West Bank, and the barrier running through it, bathed our … [Read more...]

American activist shot in the head in Bil’in

Shanbo Heinemann, a pro-Palestinian activist from San Francisco, California, was shot in the head with a rubber bullet fired by Israeli terrorist forces during a peaceful protest in Bil'in. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis More than 20 activists were wounded when IOF fired rubber bullets and tear gas grenades … [Read more...]

Bilin Victory

[Image by Ben Heine] ISM Media Alerts Victory for the residents of Bil'in village 4th September 2007: Following popular non-violent resistance through joint struggle between Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, a court decision has been made in favor of the petition by Bilin village to … [Read more...]