Perhaps we must admit there is no political solution for the Palestinian problem


With frustration and helplessness easily detected in the tone of his voice, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that U.S.-mediated talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) is going nowhere. By Khalid Amayreh - Sabbah Report § And in an implicit warning to the two sides, the head of American diplomacy said the U.S. is evaluating its role as … [Read more...]

Will Abbas be Followed by Dahlan or Barghouti?


Mohammed Dahlan was the U.S./Israel imperium's chosen operative assigned to punish Hamas for winning a free and open democratic 2006 election. Does Israel want President Abbas replaced by Dahlan? By James M Wall - Sabbah Report § The headline on a New York Times story sounded innocent enough: Palestinians Criticize Abbas for Public Fatah Feud at Delicate Time … [Read more...]

Abbas Versus Dahlan – Collaborator Versus Agent


It is a little appealing to let PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and former Fatah strong man in Gaza Muhammed Dahlan batter each other in public as they have been doing recently. By Khaled Amayreh - Sabbah Report § In the final analysis, both don't belong to the realm of saints, to put it extremely mildly. For his part, Abbas is not the kind of leader who particularly … [Read more...]

The Bouncer Justification To Beat The Customer To Death

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Here's a story to think about: A bouncer at a night club doesn't like the looks of one of the customers. What makes matter worse is that the customer is loud-mouthed and vilifying night club bouncers, saying that they are the ones who should be kicked out of the club. The bouncer takes a night stick that he has for just such an occasion, walks over to the table where the … [Read more...]

The forthcoming Gaza flotilla: heroism vs violent intransigence?

By Richard Lightbown* | Sabbah Report | After he returned from his ordeal on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Fiachra O'Luain, the second mate on the Challenger I, was asked if he would go again to break the siege of Gaza. He replied "yes ... and again, and again". Many of the survivors of the flotilla will be on the next one, due to sail for Gaza towards the end … [Read more...]