UK opposition leader falls for Zionist propaganda


Ed Miliband the latest Western politician “taken in” by Sderot Fails to keep election promise to see the situation in Gaza for himself By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report Ed Miliband, UK Labour Party leader and younger brother of former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, has just been on a … [Read more...]

And after the ceasefire


Oppression will resume, the land-grab will continue, more rewards for Israel will flow... And it will be business as usual for Western leaders and their Zionist friends In 2009 when Israel's 22-day blitzkrieg was over, nearly 1,400 Palestinians had been wiped off the planet of whom four-fifths were … [Read more...]

Hell-on-Earth in Gaza four years ago

Illustration by Carlos Latuff

"If the world grants the Palestinian people their human rights there will surely be peace in the Middle East" – Pastor Manuel Musallam This seems a very good moment, on the sixth day of “Operation Cast Lead” Mark-2, to remember what happened when Israel unleashed its last blitzkrieg on Gaza – … [Read more...]

Has David Miliband changed his spots?

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Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has been providing vital help to vulnerable Palestinian communities ever since the Sabra and Shatila massacre 30 years ago. Eyebrows therefore shot up when MAP announced that former foreign secretary David Miliband will be speaking at its Annual Gala Fundraising Dinner … [Read more...]

Jews are 8 times over-represented in UK parliament

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By Stuart Littlewood* | Sabbah Report | At that rate Muslims would have 200 seats 'Proportional Representation' is a big buzz-word in the UK these days. It implies fairer voting and fairer government. It is claimed to give minorities a better chance of being heard and therefore, they say, … [Read more...]

“Cabbing” for Israel?


By Stuart Littlewood* | Sabbah Report | A question every voter should ask candidates in the coming UK general election There can be few sights more pathetic than ex-ministers and chums of Tony Blair offering to use their government contacts to help influence policy on behalf of business … [Read more...]

GAZA: what are promises of humanitarian aid worth?


By Stuart Littlewood* | Sabbah Report | We keep hearing from the British government that they have spent £millions in humanitarian aid for Gaza. But nobody is saying exactly where the money has gone and who benefited. Of course, if they had done what they were supposed to and (with the … [Read more...]

What David Miliband should say to Tzipi Livni


By Daniel Machover* | Sabbah Report | According to news reports, David Miliband plans to call the leader of the Israeli opposition, Tzipi Livni, to explain the British government's stance on the grant of an arrest warrant against her when she had been due to speak at a Jewish National Fund … [Read more...]