“Arabs Out!” The Knesset Voted

'Every Arab [is a] criminal' graffiti in Jaljulya, north of Tel Aviv, March 11, 2014. Photo by Israeli Police In the same event, 20 cars belonging to Palestinians were vandalized.

Its main victims will be Palestinians and Bedouins. Since this is a Zero-sum Game (a set number of seats), it means that every seat taken from them will pass to Jewish parties. By Roi Tov - Sabbah Report § On March 11, 2014, the Knesset approved the Governability Law, the first of three crucial laws$ to … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s Dictatorship is Born


"Wolf, wolf!" Netanyahu shouted. "Liar, liar!" The People countered. By Roi Tov - Sabbah Report § Imagine an organization, let's say the Toronto's True Tellers, that decides to publish a guideline on how to deal with the systemic lies of the State of Israel's government. They will make a thorough … [Read more...]

DC, the War Crime Capital


Slouching Toward a Police State by WILLIAM C. LEWIS | © Sabbah Report: http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=17090 Washington D.C. is the capital of a war criminal class that harvests the blood of Americans to fight wars abroad for resource control and domestic psychological control. War time stimulus measures are … [Read more...]

Stephen Lendman: Islamofascist Rule in Egypt


The people want to bring down the regime. Washington engineered Mubarak's ouster. He fell from grace. He became more liability than asset. For years, State Department and Pentagon officials wanted him out. He opposed Bush's 2003 Iraq war and other US policies. He had to go. Washington engineered … [Read more...]

Obama’s Presidency Through Palestinian Eyes

Balfour to Obama

People worldwide were very interested and following the 2012 American election believing that their future would, somehow, be affected by the foreign policies of the new American President. Only the Palestinian people were totally apathetic to the election. They believe that the American stance toward the … [Read more...]

What To Expect, When You’re Expecting War

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By Paul Rosenberg It looks like war is is coming upon us once again. Aside from the recent eruptions in the Far East and Middle East, I say this because of three basic observations: The financial problems of the major governments are not going away; rather, they are getting worse. That leaves the … [Read more...]

Liberalism’s old world order

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By John Pilger * What is the world's most powerful and violent "ism"? The question will summon the usual demons such as Islamism, now that communism has left the stage. The answer, wrote Harold Pinter, is only "superficially recorded, let alone documented, let alone acknowledged", because only one ideology … [Read more...]

The End of America

Beside the previous video, here is another good video that you should watch (recommended by Robin). It's not as comprehensive as Zeitgeist: Addendum, but worth the 50 minutes. … [Read more...]