Netanyahu’s peace gesture is meant to extract concessions

Begin Shamir Sadat

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made what was presumably intended to sound like a historic peace gesture towards the Palestinians last week. He invited Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, to Jerusalem to address the Israeli parliament, echoing Menachem Begin’s invitation to Egypt’s president, Anwar Sadat, in 1977. That visit was the prelude to a peace … [Read more...]

Oh Palestinians!

Egypt army demolishes homes, tunnels along Gaza border | Maan News Agency— Sabbah (@sabbah) September 3, 2013   Palestinians fleeing Syria denied entry into Lebanon | Maan News Agency— Sabbah (@sabbah) September 3, 2013 … [Read more...]

Toilet surveillance: Israel spying on your shit – literally!


Building Israel: The Start-Up Nation The story was headlined: “Jerusalem mayor demands investigation of secret ‘smart tracking devices’ in toilets”. The executives of an Israeli-company that installed high tech toilets to secretly track the smart-phones of defecators is facing charges of ‘privacy violation’. The company, cleverly named ‘Two Commandments’, ( as in … [Read more...]

Muslims By Birth, Not By Faith (Part I) – by Mohamed Khodr


"O! Mankind. Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most righteous. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware." (Qur'an: 48:13) "What thou hast done to thyself none else did, Thou has caused pain to the spirit … [Read more...]

Stephen Lendman: Islamofascist Rule in Egypt


The people want to bring down the regime. Washington engineered Mubarak's ouster. He fell from grace. He became more liability than asset. For years, State Department and Pentagon officials wanted him out. He opposed Bush's 2003 Iraq war and other US policies. He had to go. Washington engineered Egyptian uprisings. Spontaneity was created and manipulated. Arab Spring … [Read more...]