Israel’s Apologists: Jon Faine is at it Again


By Anthony Lawson - Sabbah Report § Jon Faine, of Radio 774 ABC Melbourne, interviews and insults former Australia Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser, in the process attempting to defend the indefensible, Israel. In his book, Dangerous Allies, Mr Fraser's suggests that it is time for Australia to formulate its own foreign policy and not, in future—as Captain Kirk might … [Read more...]

Is UKIP the ‘white knight’ of British politics?

nigel farage

or just another mercenary of the pro-Israel Lobby? 'Sir Nigel' rides forth.... By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report § UKIP (UK Independence Party) is poised to cause an earthquake in British politics at the European elections on 22 May. The mainstream parties – Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats – are panicking as they watch UKIP surge ahead in the polls. So … [Read more...]

Deceptive Route to a One-State Solution – an all Jewish State

David Ben-Gurion, in a 1937 letter to his son.

By Dan Lieberman* - Sabbah Report § Since the one-sided application of the United Nations partition plan, smug Israeli partisans have proffered, "Why did the Palestinians refute United Nations resolution 181 (Partition Plan) and refuse to establish a Palestinian state? " The implication has the Palestinians' recalcitrance responsible for a self-inflicted grief. The Zionists … [Read more...]

Time for BDS to target Britain’s Israel-first MPs

David Cameron - Zionist Dog

BDS must expose our MPs' unnatural devotion to a foreign power that practises apartheid, defies international law and terrorises children By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report § Last week David Cameron, addressing Israel's Knesset, pledged to defeat any boycotting of Israel. "Britain opposes boycotts," he said without having consulted the British people on the … [Read more...]

Israel Is No Ally But Is It Even A Friend?


Israel has no reluctance to use its enormous political and media clout in the US to pressure successive administrations to conform to its own foreign and security policy views. [This is an edited version of a speech given by me at the National Summit to Reassess the Israel-US Special Relationship, which took place at the National Press Center in Washington on March 7th. … [Read more...]