Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil


This is just getting out of hand. Ridiculous... A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye. Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive. The question of how much of her … [Read more...]

Denmark: Miss Hijab 2008 Wins iPod


Here is a time-waster news of the day: This undated photo made available by Danish public broadcaster DR1 shows 18-year-old Iraqi-born, Huda Falah who DR1 says it has chosen as the winner. Iraqi-born Huda Falah was on Tuesday named Miss Headscarf 2008, beating 46 contesters in the competition organized … [Read more...]

MSLM and Muslim Chics

A while ago, the International Herald Tribune had an article about how Muslim fashion designers are getting more creative: But young Muslim entrepreneurs around the world are making their own fashion statements, modestly, challenging the status quo in their communities as well as stereotypes … [Read more...]

Replacing Burqa with Surgical Mask

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If the Netherlands becomes the first European country to ban the burqa and other Muslim face veils this month, Hope says she'll resort to wearing a surgical mask to dress in accordance with her religious beliefs. "I'll wear one of those things they wore during the SARS epidemic if I have to," said the … [Read more...]

Tunisian Official Criticizes Muslim Attire

وزير الشؤون الدينية التونسي: حجاب المرأة دخيل ونشاز Ùˆ"لباس طائفي". اعتبر وزير الشؤون الدينية التونسي المرأة التي ترتدي الحجاب بأنها "نشاز"ØŒ بحسبانه مظهرا "غير مألوف" إلى … [Read more...]

One in three blames women for being raped

One in three people believes that women who behave flirtatiously are at least partially responsible if they are raped, Amnesty International report published in UK today reveals. A similar number think that women are partially or wholly responsible for being raped if they are drunk, and more than a quarter … [Read more...]

Hijab Chic (Warning: 358 Astaghfirullahs Required)

This is hijab-in-fashion week. Armani thinks the headscarf (also known as Islam's 6th-fard-for-women-only) is cool and in-fashion. And indeed, in Beirut's annual Fashion Week, being held this week, the hijab made some appearances (see photos on this page) in designs by Egyptian Hani Buhiari and Saudi Amina … [Read more...]