Noam Chomsky | Security and State Power

Joint National Security Council meeting, May 25, 2011. (Photo: The Prime Minister's Office / Flickr)

These acts of aggression were, again, a matter of little concern to planners, who are guided by altogether different concepts of security. Even instant destruction by nuclear weapons has never ranked high for state authorities By Noam Chomsky - Sabbah Report  § This article, the first of two parts, is … [Read more...]

AIPAC Conference Promotes War – by Stephen Lendman

expose aipac

On March 3, AIPAC's 2013 conference began. It "Celebrat(es) 65 Years of Friendship." It's nothing to be admired. It supports war, occupation, exploitation and dominance. It deplores peace, equity and justice. It's contemptuous of fundamental human rights. It believes Jews are God's chosen people. It … [Read more...]

Muhammad Legacy Of A Prophet Film [Watch and Share]

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet Film

In our polarized climate filled with negative images and perceptions of Muslims, Unity Productions Foundation wants to provide its friends with a free resource to help counter misinformation and start a more positive dialogue about Muslims in America. UPF’s film, Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet, has already … [Read more...]

Muhammad: The Prophet of Mercy For Our Time

Muhammed (PBUH)

By Mohamed Khodr | Sabbah Report: "And, thus, (O Prophet) We have sent you as a Mercy to the worlds" (Quran: 21:107) "And know that God invites (humanity) unto the abode of peace, and guides him that wills to be guided onto a straight path." (Quran: 10:25) "O! Mankind. … [Read more...]

American media: why do they hate us?

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Stability Over Freedom As protests rocked U.S. embassies in various Arab and Muslim capitals in recent weeks, a familiar question once again reverberated through American media: why do they hate us? In the blink of an eye, it seemed we were transported back to the uninformed conversations that … [Read more...]

Countering slurs

Fordson High School is a secondary school in Dearborn, Michigan. At times Dearborn has been a victim of hostility toward its Muslim community. The city has the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Middle East. The school and its football (American football) team is the setting for the new film … [Read more...]

Islamophobia on the rise in USA

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By Paul J. Balles * | Sabbah Report | In an earlier article I noted that evangelic preacher Pat Robertson, David Gaubatz, Paul Sperry and Daniel Pipes are Islamophobic cult leaders who take every opportunity they can to vilify Islam and Muslims. They were all particularly vindictive … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson: Muslims are the New Nazis

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By Tim Murphy * | Sabbah Report | Televangelist Pat Robertson isn't the powerful political force he once was, but as the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, he's still an influential voice on the Christian Right. Yesterday, on his television show, The 700 Club, Robertson delivered … [Read more...]

Does America have a Muslim Problem?

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Muslims, slightly more than 1% of Americans, are currently the target of nearly 15% of all hate crimes. By Franklin Lamb * | Sabbah Report | Whatever becomes of the truly pathetic "Pastor" Terry Jones and his plans to appear later this month at the largest Mosque in Michigan to condemn … [Read more...]

Yahweh Good Allah Bad [Satire]

WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE By Mantiq al-Tayr * | Sabbah Report | 1. Something else bothered Orlich. Yee mentioned he had studied in Damascus. Orlich wondered about a man who would go to Syria - a state sponsor of terrorism - to find God. What do you do after you help destroy a man's … [Read more...]

Manufacturing the Muslim Menace [Satire]

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WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE By Mantiq al-Tayr * | Sabbah Report | 1. Today I just want to do a couple of things quickly. First of all, Skulz Fontaine has been sending me some great stuff and I've been a bit remiss in not sharing some of these with you. I like this one. But of course … [Read more...]

Scapegoats and witch hunts

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By Paul J. Balles * | Sabbah Report | There's a sick mentality in the world that demands scapegoats and feeds witch hunts. "Scapegoating is the practice of singling out any party for unmerited negative treatment or blame. A scapegoat may be a child, employee, peer, ethnic or religious … [Read more...]

Rebranding Egypt’s Revolution

By Mamoon Alabbasi * | Sabbah Report | The revolution in Egypt came in spite of (or perhaps because of) a long-standing US backing of the dictatorship there. It was clear from the beginning that the protestors were united on one demand: namely that the unelected regime stand down or allow … [Read more...]

The parcel bomb plot: Al-Qaeda’s gift to Israel

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By Maidhc Ó Cathail * | Sabbah Report | While Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) may have claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb plot, it's worth considering how this latest Yemen-linked terror scare has been a gift to their avowed enemies. A mere two weeks before the discovery … [Read more...]

Double entendre

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By Paul J. Balles* | Sabbah Report | Westerners, especially Americans, often look at violence in the Middle East as a result of the teachings of Islam. This week's talk show by Christiane Amanpour's spent the better part of two hours discussing Islam and how people are reacting to Islam … [Read more...]

Al-Qaeda’s Suspect Humanitarianism

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By Maidhc Ó Cathail* | Sabbah Report | Is bin Laden’s concern for flood victims a ruse to destabilise Pakistan? We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Yankees seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven?—Is he in hell? That damned, elusive bin Laden If we are to believe the Associated … [Read more...]

Democracy in Arab eyes

By Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban* | Sabbah Report | On the International Day of Democracy, satellite TV channels focused on the type of democracy imported, together with blood baths, disasters, wars and American invasions charged with hatred and oppression for Muslims. Democracy was talked about … [Read more...]

Dealing with Islamophobia [video]

These are the words that we wish all non-Muslims brothers and sister to hear and learn about Islam. First Community Church, Columbus, OH Preaching on Sunday, August 29, worship service with Rev Deborah C Lindsay: Video link: … [Read more...]

Xenophobia and Islamophobia in the USA

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By Paul J. Balles* | Sabbah Report | "To generalize is to be an idiot." – William Blake Xenophobia is a fear or contempt of that which is foreign or unknown, especially of strangers or foreign people. It includes hatred of persons belonging to a different race, or different ethnic or … [Read more...]