Murky Anti-Semitism (Zionist Style)

By Lawrence Davidson * | Sabbah Report | Part I - Stretching the Definition of Anti-Semitism   Can criticism of Israel, particularly a) criticism of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people and b) criticism of the state ideology of Zionism that justifies that treatment, be labeled … [Read more...]

9/11: A conspiracy beyond theory

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By Paul J. Balles * | Sabbah Report | The biggest political mistake I've ever made was to vote for Barack Obama. I should have known that a really great campaign speaker and organizer would probably make an inept president. All of Obama's emphatic talk about change sounded appealing; even … [Read more...]

Avnery Reveals: The Return of the Generals

By James M. Wall * | Sabbah Report | Uri Avnery, intrepid columnist, ageless Israeli peace activist, and retired IDF soldier, has seen, up close, the actions of every government Israeli voters have put in office since the nation was created. He is not fooled by the antics, decisions and … [Read more...]

The Flotilla embodies the Arab Spring spirit

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By Yousef Munayyer * | Sabbah Report | Earlier this year we watched with amazement as hundreds of thousands of Arabs charged into the streets of their cities demanding reform. The uprisings led to the departure of several leaders who had ruled for decades and also tested (and continue to … [Read more...]

Support Your Own Illegal Israeli Settlement [Satire]

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WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE By Mantiq al-Tayr * | Sabbah Report | 1. Glenn Beck insults radical Islam by comparing it to Reform Judaism and then apologizes not to the Muslims but to the Jews. Shows you it ain't them there Mooselims who control the media. 2. Hey goys and girls, are you … [Read more...]

Wikileaks and Tel Aviv Connection

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Israeli psy-ops typically serve multiple purposes. Wikileaks is no exception. By Jeff Gates * | Sabbah Report | What is Tel Aviv to do now that it's known Israelis and pro-Israelis ‘fixed' the intelligence that induced the U.S. to war in Iraq? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me … [Read more...]

“War criminals” leak strikes at heart of Israeli society

"Instead of asking why some groups or individuals in Israeli society are willing to take great risks to hold that society accountable for its actions, Israel prefers to blame the problem on treacherous, self-hating, anti-Semitic Jews, and to instill fear and hatred as the means for preventing Israelis from … [Read more...]

The boycott of Israel is “gaining speed”

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By Lawrence Davidson* | Sabbah Report | On 5 September 2010 the Israel newspaper Ha'aretz published an article the headline of which read 'Anti-Israel economic boycotts are gaining speed'. The subtitle went on to state that "the sums involved are not large, but their international … [Read more...]

Do The Majority Of Americans Blame Bush For 9/11?

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America's Worst Kept Secret By Gordon Duff* | Sabbah Report | I learned about 9/11 from the news. Before the second plane had crashed, people in the crowd told me and the rest of America it was Osama bin Laden and Arab hijackers trained in Afghanistan with the help of Saddam Hussein. A … [Read more...]

Global BDS Against Israel Is Working

By Stephen Lendman* | Sabbah Report | In July 2005, a coalition of 171 Palestinian Civil Society organizations created the Global BDS movement for "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights" for Occupied … [Read more...]

Mossad in America

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Israeli intelligence steps up its activity in the U.S. - and gets away with it. By Philip Giraldi * | Sabbah Report | Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel's intelligence agencies … [Read more...]

Israel: Second-Class Citizens

Donna Edna Shalala, served for eight years as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton

By George Bisharat And Nimer Sultany* | Sabbah Report | Should Israel be encouraged to enact legislation guaranteeing equal rights for all of its citizens as part of any peace agreement with the Palestinians? Israel's systematic discrimination against Arabs was highlighted recently when … [Read more...]