Palestinians… They can be killed


The language of the military and Shin Bet spokespersons hypnotizes us, as always, with its objective-professional imitation By Amira Hass - Sabbah Report § So the Shin Bet security service found another reason for us why Muataz Washaha deserved to die. He was allegedly a lookout in an “armed terror … [Read more...]

Cold-Blooded Israeli Murder


On March 22, Israeli forces invaded Jenin's refugee camp. Residents were terrorized. Three were murdered in cold blood. By Stephen Lendman - Sabbah Report § Israeli security forces are licensed to kill, injure and terrorize with impunity. They take full advantage. On March 22, they murdered … [Read more...]

Lessons from Yarmouk

Refugees queue for food parcels in Yarmouk. Photograph: Handout/Reuters

Every decade, another episode of dispossession and loss plays out for Palestinian refugees in troubled host countries. By Yousef Munayyer - Sabbah Report § In Yarmouk refugee camp, the largest concentration of Palestinians in Syria among the nine refugee camps there, the Palestinian population is … [Read more...]

Day of Palestinian Rage


Last Friday, the 29th of November, was the annual observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People as dedicated by the UN General Assembly (resolution 32/40 B). On the same day Palestinians had called for “Day of Rage” demonstrations against Israeli theft of Palestinian land … [Read more...]

Stephen Lendman: Netanyahu Threat New War On Gaza


Netanyahu represents lawless rogue leadership. He belongs in prison, not high office. Pre-election polls suggest he'll retain power. Israelis aren't smart enough to spurn him. Palestinian suffering will continue. The new year began like 2012 ended. More on that below. On December 22, Netanyahu … [Read more...]

Occupation Hell in Palestine


by Stephen Lendman | Sabbah Report: Forty-five years and counting. In 1977, John Pilger titled his documentary film "Palestine Is Still The Issue." It's no different today than then. In many respects, it's worse. He said his film "was about a nation of people - the Palestinians - … [Read more...]

It’s the Occupation, Stupid

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Haaretz contributor Amira Hass is right saying so. Current headlines highlight thousands of West Bank protesters. Palestinians took to the streets against unaffordable rising prices. In some areas, things got violent. Demonstrators smashed windows, tried to storm a municipality building, and clashed with … [Read more...]

Message from my sister in Jenin

I could not find the right words to put as introduction for this short clip. Just watch and listen to what this little girl (and millions like here, including me) says: Millions of Palestinians died, millions are living, but more million will be born. … [Read more...]

Updated: What makes Israel immune from retaliation?

The answer is simple: NOTHING! What do you expect the Palestinian reaction to what the Israeli terrorists are doing in Nablus and today morning in Jenin? Palestinians are always asked to hold and not attack, otherwise… But who ever asked Israel to hold its crimes? No one! So why the hell do you blame … [Read more...]

Visit Palestine!

I can't afford to pay millions to promote Western people to visit Palestine like Israel did with Arsenal to promote Israel as the oasis of the East. I don't think that the whole Palestinian nation can afford a fraction of that figure. However, if you still can't see Palestine through my eyes and hundreds of … [Read more...]

Life in Palestine!

Update: As usual, YouTube removed the origional clip I posted (three parts) below. Anyway, I found this (five parts) while searching YouTube again: To see all parts, check the archive of this user: or download a full copy from … [Read more...]