American Oligarchs – Their Money, Our Votes

Sheldon Adelson

Contrary to Professor Robert Reich, America is already an Oligarchy and is moving fast toward Monarchy. The shameful and degrading events in Last Vegas last week, is an insult to every American voter and to America. By Sami Jamil Jadallah - Sabbah Report § They came to Las Vegas, Jeb Bush, Chris … [Read more...]

Israel Is No Ally But Is It Even A Friend?


Israel has no reluctance to use its enormous political and media clout in the US to pressure successive administrations to conform to its own foreign and security policy views. [This is an edited version of a speech given by me at the National Summit to Reassess the Israel-US Special Relationship, which … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s Nightmare

Illustration by Carlos Latuff

"Spitting on America's Face," said former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert On November 9, 2012, well after the US elections ended, Hebrew media is still obsessed with the feeling of defeat at Netanyahu's bureau. "The night Netanyahu won't forget" and "the astonishment that seized Netanyahu and his advisers this … [Read more...]

Israel: Guaranteed US Election Winner

Bibi and Sheldon Adelson Gambling

Irrespective of the US Election Winner, an Israel-first financier will have special access to the resident of the White House THE results of US elections are eccentric. While re-electing Barack Obama to the White House, voters also chose members of the opposing party as their representatives in … [Read more...]

An American Narcissist


It would seem unfair to single out Mitt Romney as a modern day narcissist when the insufferably long American election campaign crowds to a rowdy and inglorious finale with both men and their teams equally aware that the only change that Americans have experienced has meant being short-changed, whilst being … [Read more...]

Obama and Romney ignore plight of Palestinians


As a Palestinian-American, I awaited the presidential debate on foreign policy with anticipation, given the massive U.S. military footprint in the region of my birth. I confess to being torn in my attitude to the candidates. From a Palestinian perspective, I know there is little difference: Neither would … [Read more...]

Come back President Carter!

Obama Peace With Horror

While Obama and Romney were making their final preparations for their final debate, Carter was in Israel, working for peace. The third and final debate between President Obama and challenger Romney was so lacking in real and relevant substance about foreign affairs that I had to struggle, several times, … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney: Informative Lies?


The Liar's Master Class in Mitt Romney By Lawrence Davidson | Sabbah Report: Earning a Place in the Eighth Rung of Hell Mitt Romney might be the most brazen political liar since James Polk. Polk, who was the 11th U.S. president (1845-1849), lied through his teeth-to … [Read more...]

The Palestine Romney (and Obama) doesn’t know

The Palestine Romney Doesn't Know

By Zahi Khouri | Sabbah Report: I am a proud American. I am a hardworking businessman and job creator. I am a faithful Christian. And I am Palestinian. Much as my multiple identities might drive Mitt Romney to head scratching, it is he who needs a lesson in, to borrow … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney – a danger to USA and world peace

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By Jamal Kanj | Sabbah Report: Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for US election may have been a Harvard University smart, but his recurring gaffes are indicative of a person who is not ready to become a president. It had been an eventful summer of blunders for Romney and company. Two … [Read more...]

How Do You Take Your Poison?

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by Chris Hedges | Sabbah Report: We will all swallow our cup of corporate poison. We can take it from nurse Romney, who will tell us not to whine and play the victim, or we can take it from nurse Obama, who will assure us that this hurts him even more than it hurts us, but one way or another … [Read more...]

A Marriage of Morons: Romney and Netanyahu

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ONCE UPON a time, President Richard Nixon wanted to appoint a certain lawyer to the US Supreme Court. "But the man is a complete moron!" one senator exclaimed. "So what," answered another, "There are a great many morons in the US, and they have a right to be represented in the court as much as any other … [Read more...]

American media: why do they hate us?

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Stability Over Freedom As protests rocked U.S. embassies in various Arab and Muslim capitals in recent weeks, a familiar question once again reverberated through American media: why do they hate us? In the blink of an eye, it seemed we were transported back to the uninformed conversations that … [Read more...]

A Sea Change in US-Israeli Relations?

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Finally, a Measure of Sanity? by DAVE LINDORFF The situation in the Middle East has reached a dangerous point, to be sure, but there are also signs that a sea change may be taking place here in the US which could herald a whole new relationship between the US, Israel and the rest of the Arab and Islamic … [Read more...]

Deferring to Netanyahu

by GARY LEUPP Last Saturday on CBS's "Meet the Press" (the longest-running series on U.S. television, dating back to 1947) veteran journalist David Gregory interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during "a special hour" on the theme of "Turmoil in the Middle East." The show was mostly … [Read more...]

Free Speech or Inciting to Riot?


When I finish one of my analyses I usually look forward to a week to ten day hiatus and sometimes even wonder if I will have to hunt around for the next topic.  It rarely works out that way.  Usually,  within three of four days, something happens which strikes me as worthy of attention.  Often other … [Read more...]

US democracy takes a hit

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Reality TV at the Democratic convention On 5 September 2012, in the middle of the Democratic Party convention, US democracy took a big hit. Essentially, the convention managers rigged a vote in the manner of those dictatorships that stuff ballot boxes and then announce that 99 per cent of the voters … [Read more...]

Netanyahu for President (of America)

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It's now clear that the Republican frontrunner in the race for the White House is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Officially the two Republican frontrunners are Newt "the Palestinians are an invented people" Gingrich and Mitt "Obama has pushed Israel under a bus" Romney. Both are political whores … [Read more...]

Obama Ad Condemns Israel Aid Opponents

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By Stephen Zunes* An ad on my Facebook page from reads, "Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich say they would start foreign aid to Israel at zero. Reject their extreme plan now!" This struck me as odd for two reasons: First, it is disingenuous and misleading. The actual position … [Read more...]