Hezbollah is the New Government of Lebanon. Now What?

By Franklin Lamb * | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz This observer tends to get a haircut about every four months whether I need it or not. But this morning I got more than a trim from my Hezbollah friend and barber, Abass, named after Abass ibn Ali, the brother of Hussein, both martyrs and heroes of the epic 680 a.d. internecine Muslim battle at Karbala in present day Iraq. … [Read more...]

In defense of Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi


Earlier this month, a semi-official Iranian news agency lashed out at Dr. Yousuf al Qaradawi, widely considered one of the most eminent living Muslim religious scholars. The agency, called Muhr, castigated the great Alim, or religious scholar, for an interview he had given to an Egyptian newspaper in which he warned against organized efforts by some Shiite circles to … [Read more...]

Sectarian war in Iraq?

Sectarian? God forbid… Shia and Sunni love each other! We only have ‘few’ stupid people like these in the video clip below (aka Iraq New Army!!). Some call themselves Shia (Iraq army) and the other call themselves Sunni (occupation resistance -also western media calls them ‘insurgent’). Both kill each other on daily bases and come crying at the end of the day claiming … [Read more...]

What money can buy?

A new poll commissioned by the Council for the National Interest Foundation shows that a significant number of Americans are wary of the power of the Israel lobby, and believe it is behind the invasion of Iraq and the current belligerent tone of the White House and Congress toward Iran. The poll, which was carried out by Zogby International, reveals that 39% of the American … [Read more...]