Nobody to negotiate with in Israel and why


Netanyahu's "minimal set of conditions" require the Palestinians to abandon their struggle for justice and accept crumbs from Zionism's table. By Alan Hart - Sabbah Report § The headline over an interview Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave to Bloomberg's Jeffrey Goldberg was Netanyahu: There is … [Read more...]

Uri Avnery: The strong must lead to sweet Palestine


IT WAS a day of joy. Joy for the Palestinian people. Joy for all those who hope for peace between Israel and the Arab world. And, in a modest way, for me personally. The General Assembly of the United Nations, the highest world forum, has voted overwhelmingly for the recognition of the State of … [Read more...]

Uri Avnery – The Slippery Slope

Uri Avnery

By Uri Avnery * It is, of course, all the fault of Judge Richard Goldstone. He is to blame for it, as he is to blame for all the other ills that are befalling us now. He is to blame for the trouble we are having at the UN, both in New York and in Geneva. For the conspiracy to bring our political and … [Read more...]

Holocaust and Holodomor (Origins of Anti Semitism)


By Nicholas Lyssson 1. ROLE OF JEWS IN UKRAINIAN FAMINE One might think the worst holocaust deniers—at least the only ones who command serious attention—are those who insist the Nazi holocaust, as it involved the Jews only, was without parallel. Guenter Lewy argues for example in … [Read more...]

A War of Religions? God Forbid!

With all the religiophobia going around, specially when it comes to Palestinian issue, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, following article by Uri Avnery is a must read. A War of Religions? God Forbid! Uri Avnery, 19.2.06 ONE OF our former Chiefs-of-Staff, the late Rafael ("Raful") Eytan, who was not the … [Read more...]