Ridding Britain of Israel’s stooges

Ridding Britain of Israel’s stooges

Free Palestine? First we must free ourselves from the Enemy Within Western leaders “nobble” the International Criminal Court By Stuart Littlewood Was anyone surprised to hear that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is under pressure not to investigate Israel’s war crimes in Gaza? The British government wouldn’t even vote for the UN Human Rights Council’s proposal … [Read more...]

“Unhelpful” to blame anyone for peace talks breakdown

William Hague

...says British government. Support Kerry and return to pointless negotiations. By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report § Britain's Foreign Office, presided over by William Hague, has come up with the most fatuous response so far to the collapse of the latest peace talks stage-managed, as always, by Israel's partner in crime, America. Here it is: Foreign and … [Read more...]

Time for BDS to target Britain’s Israel-first MPs

David Cameron - Zionist Dog

BDS must expose our MPs' unnatural devotion to a foreign power that practises apartheid, defies international law and terrorises children By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report § Last week David Cameron, addressing Israel's Knesset, pledged to defeat any boycotting of Israel. "Britain opposes boycotts," he said without having consulted the British people on the … [Read more...]

Anger as Cameron tries to superglue Britain to Israel

"An enemy of Israel is an enemy of mine. A threat to Israel is a threat to us all" -- David Cameron

Prime Minister is asking to be targeted by BDS By Stuart Littlewood § Sabbah Report § The other day I signed a 'Get Well' petition for Palestinian youngsters Adam and Johar who were viciously maimed and crippled by the British Government's 'friends' in Israel. The two cousins, 17 and 20 years old, were returning home from football training when they were attacked … [Read more...]

BDS, this is your big chance….


In the coming elections, Boycott would-be MPs who are Friends of Israel  By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report Name and shame supporters of the racist regime! A recent article, 'Holocaust hullabaloo: another MP intimidated', tells how a British lady MP was harrassed by the chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock, for daring to suggest … [Read more...]