Do Arabs Cry For Their Children Too?

Obama wipes tears as he makes a statement in response to the shooting that killed 26 people, 20 of them children – all between the ages of 5 and 10 – at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on the 14th of December.

The Obama Hypocrisy By Tom Mcnamara Once more tragedy befalls America. But this time the tragedy is even more bitter due to the fact that such a large number of young children were involved. A gunman, identified as Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people, 20 of them children – all between the ages of 5 … [Read more...]

Will Santa Claus Visit Gaza This Christmas


Truth and Trauma in Gaza By Kathy Kelly - Gaza City Dr. T., a medical doctor, is a Palestinian living in Gaza City. He is still reeling from days of aerial bombardment. When I asked about the children in his community he told me his church would soon be making Christmas preparations to lift the children’s … [Read more...]

Stephen Lendman: Palestinian Women Under Occupation


By Stephen Lendman* | Sabbah Report | The Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations is a Beirut, Lebanon-based organization engaged in "strategic and futuristic studies on the Arab and Muslim worlds, (emphasizing) the Palestinian issue. In early 2010, it published the second of its … [Read more...]

Pulse of Jordan [Video]

A quick survey in Amman reveals some exciting but (not)surprising strong opinions on subjects such as Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Water, Oil, Economy, Nuclear Energy, Tourism, Honour Killing, Women and Tribal System. Part 1/2: Video link: … [Read more...]

Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil


This is just getting out of hand. Ridiculous... A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye. Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive. The question of how much of her … [Read more...]

“NOT ONLY” in Arabia!

Woman beat, threatened by 'modesty squad' Jerusalem woman who left ultra-Orthodox life after her divorce gagged, beaten by group of self-proclaimed 'chastity guards' Aviad Glickman A 31-year-old Jerusalem woman was cruelly beaten and threatened with death by members of the 'modesty squad' who took … [Read more...]

Saudi woman killed for chatting on Facebook

The latest crime "in the name of social customs and religious rules." A young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father for chatting on the social network site Facebook, it has emerged. The unnamed woman from Riyadh was beaten and shot after she was discovered in the middle of an online … [Read more...]

The first Saudi female soccer team, Congratulation!

On behalf of the Palestinian soccer fans and the Palestinian National Women Football team, I would like to congratulate the first Saudi female soccer team. The first soccer match between female teams has taken place in Alkhobbar (Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province). The match was held between two teams of … [Read more...]

MSLM and Muslim Chics

A while ago, the International Herald Tribune had an article about how Muslim fashion designers are getting more creative: But young Muslim entrepreneurs around the world are making their own fashion statements, modestly, challenging the status quo in their communities as well as stereotypes … [Read more...]

Israel’s modesty buses?

I'm not going to compare religions here, everyone has his own sh*t. Have you heard of "Israel's modesty buses"? In case you didn't, this is not a good story for those who care about women's right. When on the bus, I tried to buck the system, moving my way towards the driver but was pushed back towards … [Read more...]

Iraq: The Women’s War

The following documentary film provides a compelling account of a life inside Iraq that is rarely seen on news bulletins. Stories of ordinary women whose struggle to survive has only worsened since the occupation of Iraq. The invasion of Iraq heralded promises of freedom from tyranny and equal rights for … [Read more...]

2-yr old Palestinian released from Israeli prison!

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The attached is from our local Al-Quds newspaper on Nov 1, 2006. A story about a 2-yr old girl who was released from an Israeli prison near Ramallah. Her name is Aiysha, which in Arabic means "life." Aiysha's mother gave birth to her while detained in an Israeli prison. Aiysha was released two days ago, … [Read more...]